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AlxEllis - Welcome To Hell

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A tune i made on FL Studio 8 hope you all enjoy it vote and review it ;)

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I love it maybe add a bit more umpf and it'll be epic
EDIT: I truly love this song

AlxEllis responds:

Thanks Moose! this was actually the first track I made in FL Studio! :O old school memories! haha


Groovy. This has flown under the AP radar (like most other submissions lol). This should actually be a full length song instead of just building to no climax.



AlxEllis responds:

Ye im working on Welcome To Hell 2 so i am gonna fix all the original thing that are wrong with this for the second thanks for the review :)

Nice one

Nice tune, but I'd work abit more on the mixing. The drum is very low volume compared to the rest of the track which make it not stand out much. I'd personally lower the synths and the bass a tiny bit and pump up the overall volume of the track instead.

Anyway, nice one and it loops good

AlxEllis responds:

Thanks for the review yes the drum was a problem plus my Fl Studio broke but i fixed it now so when i make the second it will be super hopefully


Hi Alex,

Back to school for a lot of us. More reading and less music now right. :) I looked over some of the previous reviews and I have to agree with darksporks that this is a bit too happy to fit the title of the song well. Something that seems to be bothering me is your response to TaichuKaisen's review. What do you mean you ran out of samples? Any music program has a infinite supply of samples. You just make them or modify samples any which way you want. Anyway, here is what I thought of your song.

1) Has a slight jumpy happy feel to it. Could almost be jumpstyle music if you had a harder kick and more meaner bass.
2) Well, you managed to make a catchy beat sound good without a lot of drums. Only the kick I think you have here.
3) Looks like your lead instrument has just about the right amount of reverb to it.

1) So I don't know your style of trance but if your working towards a more serious form of trance rather than this happy somewhat cheesy trance then try this. For your bass use a sine wave. Using a sub bass or aggressive form of a bass (fast attack) works well too. The human ear loves distorted sounds so maybe put a distortion plugin on the bass. EQ can be intensified around the 200 Hz range. Sub bass maybe around the 100 Hz range. If you have a "bandpass filter" use that. It basically intensifies a certain range of frequencies keeping all frequencies outside that range unchanged which is more faster to use versus EQ. For your lead, instruments with delay are great sounding. Not only does it bring more of a fat sound but it adds a interesting panning feature. I prefer stereo delay rather than mono delay so that panning becomes more obvious. Oh, if you like the loud pounding snappy sounds set your synthesizer to "mono" and "unison". This will make it so all your "voices" will come out together. This will make your kicks sound snappy. These are just guidelines, but the best advice I can give you is do whatever sounds good to your ears.

2) Well the beat doesn't really change at all. Good thing this is a short song. Maybe make your next song longer and change up more. Put more instruments too.

So good luck with your future stuff. If your in school, good luck with that too. Hope to hear more from you. 5/5 vote and 9/10 rev.

Bye for now

AlxEllis responds:

Cool thanks for the review yes it was my first attempt at a decent song plus my FL Studio has had some "malfunctions" so i only have like 3 packs so i need to re installs it lol ive left school and im just looking for work but god luck with school thanks for reviewing m8 ;)


I could dance to this

Pretty good, AE.
I could totally dance to this, however it doesn't sound /that/ evil but I could see where it might sound evil if it was put to the correct footage.

~Amy (A.K.A Srtgirl)

AlxEllis responds:

Lol dance all ya want im making more muic which i will upload glad you liked this i was gonna call it AlxEllis - Graveyard originally but it didnt sound as cool lol thanks for reviewing

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Aug 31, 2008
3:47 PM EDT
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