Mac8 - Writhing Fixation

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This is my entry for the MAC08 "Trembling Madness" Contest.

I tried to stay away from DnB due to the number of submissions already in that category (also because I suck at it) and went with an orchestral piece. Hopefully, it will help me stand out from the crowd; there are already a lot of great submissions. This one's taken me awhile and has already gone through numerous iterations.

The title describes a man's obsession of something to the extreme where he is driving himself crazy. Eventually (towards the end) he gradually arrives at a point where he is satisfied and does something unimaginable.

I hope you guys like this one as I spent a lot of time mixing the instruments and panning them as an orchestra would be set up. I think it makes a huge difference and the song sounds immensely better.

As always, thanks in advance for the comments, please vote fairly.


Writhing Fixation
2 mins 43 secs
Uploaded at 320kbps

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Not my fave peice from you but it is worthy of being on my MP3 and faves list! Very creepy at first, but when the style changes I think that you let yourself down, you needed to stick with what you had at first... Otherwise it is quite good.

SinJim responds:

Thanks for the comments.

This was for the madness competition last year, so I really wanted to portray a bit of craziness by changing keys and styles. In and of itself, I think that you'd wonder why I did it and it makes sense that it doesn't "feel right."

In the end, I just tried as many different things in order to get a crazy feel. Thanks again for the review!



It's ok...Not my favorite...

Oh and I've noticed all your songs are above the score of 4 :D

SinJim responds:

Haha, thank you for all the reviews.


Those strings..


I love them!

I've been trying to find some good instrumental sounds, but most of the free ones suck.. :s

But this is great though. I can tell you put a lot of time into this.

Did you play the piano? You have many piano melodies in your songs (which own btw) and I've always wondered if you did.

But great job with this.

I know I'm late and all, but I hope you did good on the contest.

Keep doing what you're doing, because you're good at it.

SinJim responds:

Thanks for the review again. I did play the piano and, although it can take some time for me to practice, I try to play each part live and fix the major mistakes. I think it can give the piece more feeling. I'm not as good as I'd like to be, but that's where the practice comes in.

I appreciate you noticing the effort put into this. It feels good to be recognized for that. My song placed 7th in the contest, out of about 40 or 50, so it did pretty well. First time I've been up that far in any of the MACs. If you liked this one, you may want to check out my new MAC entry, First in Flight. It's for the October MAC, Flight in Freedom that was based off of a picture.

Anyways, thanks for the comments and motivation, I really appreciate it. I'll check out some of your more recent songs when I get the time. Thanks again!



i'm a huge fan of dark/ gothic sounding music, and this song pretty much epitimizes and gives me a reason to love this style of music. My only complaint is that part with the tuba, i thought it sounded very out if place compared to the string and piano combination with some percussion. I know you were building up an augmented suspension to go into your finale, but i personally think a string base would do this peice more justice. beautifully written, dark, and i loved it, def. a fav. in fact, i'd be honored if you critiqued my piece, its dark, but long, but i think you would love it. please pm me if you send other amazing pieces like this in

SinJim responds:

Hey Dude (hah...), I'm glad you liked this one. The tuba is a bit odd in there and I definitely sat there for awhile trying to determine if I should include it or change it. I guess in the end I decided that because it was for Madness and it should have that theme, the tuba felt a bit out of place and put a sense of craziness into the song. Had I not been entering the competition, I most likely would have gone for the double basses, but who knows. If I do upload another version, I'll take your advice and consider the strings to see if it sounds better. Thanks for the comments!



I love it!
The organ gives it a very Gothic feel, and piano backs it up well.
The strings a kind of wavering on the edge of sanity, the sound being really beautiful and clear, but somehow a little off. In a good way mind you.
If I could sum this up in a sentence it would be "Gothic Cathedral Zombies!"
Anyway, I'm sorry I don't have the time to write a longer and more involved review, just stopping in to wish you luck with the contest.
Good luck!


SinJim responds:

Thanks for the review here Pants, I appreciate the comments. Gothic cathedral zombies eh..? Interesting. Listening through again, it really does fit pretty well. That would be an interesting movie haha. Anyhow, looking forward to some new stuff from you when you get the time. Shoot me a PM if you upload anything!


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Aug 30, 2008
5:25 PM EDT
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