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So, I lied. There was one final mistakes song in the works. This is honestly the last one in the series. I've been working on this one for quite some time. it's a very different route than the others. Though I can only offer up a sample, the full version is available on my myspace ( which can be found through my profile)

There is one thing I might add on to the full version but i'm still considering how well it's going to go over.

I hope that you enjoy this and I encourage you to head to my myspace to listen to the full version. which is 5 minutes long.


A fourth Mistakes track? Oh hell, I'd never even heard of that.

While being much shorter than the third and presumed final, this is due to the full version being up on Nubbinownz' MySpace. ..Which I can't find.

If you want to hear the full version, direct yourself to this YouTube video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Kt-rc9tb9Y

With that out of the way, on to reviewing it. I can say it's just about the weakest of the Mistakes series in my mind. Could be that the path was walked too many times, the versions got too lost and too far away from the appeal of the original set. I wouldn't call it bad, I'd just call it a lesser take.


how strange, ironic, and possibly not too surprising.

I accidentally played another one of ur songs in a differnt animation, Sinking Weightless, with the Ingenuity animation at the same friggin time.

perhaps its b/c both songs are urs and hence similar in style but they created a pretty unique new layering that could turn out to be pretty damn fucking wicked with a some editing.

i don't think it'd be a bad thing to try out and see what happens...combining both songs?


THIS is the kind of stuff i love to hear on newgrounds! So much heart, so much emotion packed into one song...the other two were good of course, but this kinda wraps all the sentiment up and sends it off...to who knows where. i would have liked to see a quote or sample or something in the beginning like we did in the other two...

BUT I still love this song. This entire series was ruddy brilliant. I love your style, i really do.

All my 10's and 5's are belonging to this...

nubbinownz responds:

I was thinking of throwing a sample into this one, but i couldn't figure out what would really fit into this. So I figured I didn't want to risk ruining it.

thank you by the way man :D i really appreciate this :D

haha this is cool man

im kinda a nub at this music stuffz id like to make a song and i downloaded fl studio cause thats what everybody obviously uses on here but i cant seem to make any good sound in it >> so ima keep practicing till i get good like this =D

nubbinownz responds:

Hehe this song was actually made on reason, I haven't used been using FL until about 4 days ago.
thank you for the kind words my waffle friend :D

Continued Mistakes

Each time I listen to the Series of Mistakes, I relate so much with luminous on a lot of levels. This is truly his life serialized in music. When i listened to the full copy, well, lets just say that the inspiration boiled over to the point where I had to take each song and place them. This time, however, I just can't put it in here XP In any case, i would like to pop this baby in full in my MP3 player.

nubbinownz responds:

I read your email man. Absolutely wonderful. Plain and simple

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Aug 30, 2008
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