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Demon Vikings

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Watch out for thar vikings!!

Doesn't sound too good overall, though. :/

People who vote 0 for no reason suck.

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Really Good

I really liked this song. I thought that the guitars sounded great and there wasn't that much repetition that it got boring. I actually opened a second tab and started browsing the internet, after the song ended I thought I was listening to my Rhapsody.

But it would have been absolutely perfect with some Nordic chanting.


i normally dont dig music with out a voice but this is good shit!!!! keep it up!!!!!!

Well its Ok.

Iv a fan of Viking metal im also in to the Norse Mythology. Its not the best Viking metal song but it is Ok. If you want you can get some insperation from Ensiferum. Amon Amarth. ManOwar (They are not viking metal but they sure sing alot about the gods).


The Bad:
The guitars have the reverb WAY too high for my personal tastes

You are off-time a lot, not by a large increment, but still off, nothing a quick re-take can't cure

The drums are a little quiet, but that doesn't take too much from the song, it's just we're all missin' out on that kick!

The guitars are off a little from time to time, as stated before, nothing a retake can't cure :)

However: Your distortion is muuuuddy! It's probably because of the reverb you have going, but sheesh. The rhythm is practically buzzing noises and the leads are the only real distinguishable notes, not very clean, but with some experimentation you can clear it all up, but keep it heavy! Try high volume instead of high gain.

The Good:

Beautiful harmonies are played (until you miss a note, but it is usually only 1 note)

The rhythm riffs guide the song along, not to mention it is structured very well. No random jumps or confusing bridges.

It isn't bad.


A pretty average post, that's not a bad thing, but it is mainly average because of the distortion of those guitars, and the volumes of your instruments. Just keep tweaking it, when you get the volumes right, trust me, you'll know. Then make a mental note of it, or even better: save the settings, that way you wont have to do it again!

As a fellow guitarist I can say confidently that you have great potential if you practice more, keep rockin'!


himenow responds:

Average post my ass.
Great post. Thanks, bro :D

Not fresh yet, but still pretty unique.

Well done, you should honest work at an mmorpg company in the music team, you could bring fresh life to it instead of the stuff thats allready there, making you want to commit suicide. Its got an "old fashioned" theme that just incorperates it, your an inovator who shall one day effortless be a legend with a whole band tottaly rocking it out to millions, kinda like what Iron Maiden did lol =p. Faved.

himenow responds:

Awww, thanks :D
I don't think I'd want to work as a composer for a video game company though >_>
But who knows, who knows..

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Aug 30, 2008
4:56 AM EDT
Heavy Metal
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