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It would be classical, if not for that one synth i had to toss in there :P
I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as i enjoyed making it.

Note: In the later parts of the song you might encounter what sounds like a pained wail. I actually didn't put that there, so i thought it was kindof interesting. For all those wondering, my song is not in fact possessed, it's just an effect of reverb.



this song remindes me of scary stuations and the piano has a coll tune relly nicely done

Pretty well done...

I enjoyed this song thoroughly, However, it was a bit too short, just when it was getting really good, It stopped.... Kind of disappointing, but that is the only minus against it....
Good job

DjCompass responds:

I have issues making long songs. Which is probably something to do with how i spit out most of my songs after one sitting...
So i'll work on that in the future. JUST FOR YOU.
And me too...

Kinda Creepy

Not a bad little tune, that does get something stirring within about the nature of this song being designed to p[ut me on edge, ready for something to come leaping out of the wardrobe.

Nice work with the piano getting such quick work on the keys - I'm assuming with that feature, it is a case of computer program, rather than, for example, properly played and recorded.

I think that it could have stood to be about another minute or two longer, a bit more variation and the occasional other surprise - fade the music out and put something sharp and icy in there, for example.

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DjCompass responds:

Good feedback, thanks ^^
Yes, im sad to admit that it is a case of computer program. I might be able to play this if i took the time to convert it to notation, but its easier to just let the computer play the music in my head, and i'm lazy anyways XD
I might revisit this one day, in which case it will get longer.
Thanks for the review.


It sounds a bit weird at the beginning. And it sounds weird in the middle. And at the end, too. ^^

Well, I can't really make up my mind on this song. There are a few dissonant tunes during the intro, and after that, the melodies are thrown together in a wild way (or at least it seems that way), but strangely enough: It works!

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DjCompass responds:

Well as long as you liked it ^^
Thanks for the review.

A fanastic, very interesting song

Not the typical thing youd hear in the audio portal. The timing was rather odd but excellent. It reminds be of a lot of progressive music I used to listen to. I didn't really notice the synth, perhaps because it fitted in so well.

Plus the music does actually sound "Angry" so the title fits. Probably because of the harsh piano riff

A great piece of music. I'll be generous and give you a 9 as I enjoyed listening to this. :D

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DjCompass responds:

And i was so worried about that synth XD
Thanks for the review.

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Aug 27, 2008
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