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I think I've found myself in the habit of imagining a person and then writing a song about them.

It's kinda cool.

Anyways, what does this bring to mind?


The piano parts were my favorite


What a trick of fate that let me stumble upon this piece...I am writing a story about a princess name Lucia, a secret child of a prince and princess of two warring countries. Her life is an untold story of sadness and sorrow, seperation of death... and this song just perfectly fits in the mood for my imagination. Thank you for making this magnificient song.

SolusLunes responds:

Why thank you sir- when I write a tune, I always envision a person to go along with it.

Almost always. :D

I also love hearing about what my works have other people envision.

My Friend of Misery

Ever-so slightly, the intro reminded me immediately of Jason Newsted's work in Metallica--the Black Album--specifically, track 11: My Friend of Misery. The piano's tune briefly enveloped me in the notion that I just heard the beginning of that song. Hence, much of my impression on what character the song conjures up in my mind is pretty solid:

Imagine a girl whose identity had been utterly stripped away through a combination of memory suppression and the virulent truth how everybody lies. For her, forgetting the reasons and methods that explain her emotional control, sharpened mind, and killer instincts (not to mention what she can do with such gifts) allows her to conduct herself in the present without waking up every morning with a stomachache. Unfortunately, as the days go by, waking up with a stomachache is what happens anyway, and with each tryst from dusk to dawn--like a sleepwalker with a bible in one hand and magnum revolver in the other--her introspection becomes progressively horrid. If you looked at it through the eyes of DABDA, this song is at the stage of depression, going straight back to number one--denial--because her life is totally unacceptable for her. Just wait and watch when her name finally catches up with her....

Her name wouldn't be Lucia, however. I have it written that she never had a name in the first place, because names hold powers and deeper meanings beyond regular comprehension and mundane reality. Hence, never having a name grants the girl some level of immunity from the trappings of any name, and in that regard, the world itself. A lady with no name has no world bound to her. Hence, this world cannot bind her. If this is true, then the girl's mother certainly had foresight... perhaps the same place where that killer instinct came from.

Yeah, I didn't zero-bomb the song, either. I've been siphoning copies of your work onto my system--don't breathe easy, I might still purge a few entries out to save space--and for the most part I am suitably impressed. You've evolved over the past few years, that's for sure.

As for this song, it is evocative of those scenes of introspection or severe deep conversation between two close souls. It might use some remastering to soften some of the instruments, and it is a bit sparse and minimal, but the latter is the point. The former complaint may be addressed at your leisure. No rush. ;D

Deep and a bit grim, but soothing overall. Nice work... keep it up.

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SolusLunes responds:

Deep and grim, yes.

This song could do with a touch up, that is true... However, my current touch-up focus is now on She.

You may actually find that song to be more fitting of the image you came up with- there's deliberately no name.

final fantasy

one of the characters from that ff9 game

SolusLunes responds:

Which one?


The sax speaks to the soul.
Well done indeed, man. And I don't think a trance/techno deal of this would touch the original ;)

SolusLunes responds:

Thank you. :D

But it's rule 34- there must always be trance remixes.

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