Infiltr8ed Lockdown

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An Intelligent Techno track specifically made for AeraDynamic's compilation of "Watching the World Die".



sweet stuff.. sounded a bit muddled in parts though..


1nf1ltr8or responds:

I agree on both parts! Thanks Shawn!

Yo that sounded pretty sick man

Yo this sounds crazy man, shit changin all the time kept a fresh feeling throughout the whole song, I'ma tell my gf 2 listen 2 this n c if she likes it cuz she knows dnb better than me, n I also got u fav plus a download n ofcourse the 5 4.32 / 5.00 (+ 0.065)
Keep it pimpin'
BN out

1nf1ltr8or responds:

Thanks man! I love filtering and combining Techno and DnB... they just fit so well together! Thanks for the awesome score, and keep your eyes and ears out for new releases too!!!

Why low Score???

I don't get it >__< I like it and I vote 5 on it! You made 4 Versions now of this Track and it finally gets finished :D So here I go:

Good overall:
- Drums are futuristic and hard distorted as usual and sound just awesome
- Bassline is cool modified and not to harcore for my taste
- I like the HiHats, you made them really flow right into the Beat
- Mastering sounds good but I can't judge cause I don't know about mastering
- Second Beat keeps the sounding varied, nice touch

The last Part:
- OMG! I love it! This sounds so End of the World-like with the Choirs and the epic Strings with this earthquake Bass in the BG, its Awesome!!! The first Choir coming in at 2:50 sounds so like the Planet itself speaks while falling apart into piees *See what you have done humanity... now you have to pay the Price for your ignorance* I see the big Citys drowning in flaming cracks and the Earth falling into ruin... I currently read Spawn and if you familiar with the Comics you may know that Armageddon comes over the World in Episode 162 and the four Evils pestilence, hunger, death and war infest Earth and Spawn must pay the ultimate price to save the Planet! When you read the Strory and see the Citys burning its exactly the feeling you have when you listen to the last Part of the Track. No Way anyone could have displayed this better...

- the only thing I complain it that the Track never seemed perfect and finished in all 4 Versions :( I don't know about that, something is still missing... I guess the Synths at 3:30 is abit off, you don't notice it until the Beat comes back at 4:10 and it sounds a bit weird รณ_O Maybe just move the Synt a bit forward or backward and check if it sounds better with the beat then and upload a changed Version (?)

Anyway awesome Song, best of the 4 and the most emotional one :D


1nf1ltr8or responds:

Thanks, and I'm glad you like this version out of the other ones! This one took a little extra treatment and turned out to be my fav too! :D I'm familiar with Spawn, but I haven't kept up with it since I was like in Middle School... it's been so long, but I can kinda see what you mean by the sad feeling you get from listening to this piece. Great imagination!

I think what you disliked about the 3:30 part with the synths being off was the rhythm kinda getting skewed for a bit and the sequencing was a little off tempo due to it being sampled that way. I liked the sound but put together with the tempo of this track, it almost doesn't quite fit together but rather sounds better by itself. I might try and fix that when I get the time again. XP

Anyway, thanks so much AD, and I look forward to making more projects and collabs for/with you!

Really cool

The mood is so prominent throughout the entire song. This is definitely the perfect song for something named "Watching the World Die", lol. I liked how everything faded in and out through the filters. The only thing that annoyed slightly me was the arpeggiated synth near the beginning but it wasn't too bad. Awesome song!

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1nf1ltr8or responds:

Thanks SV! The arppegation in this was like a nightmare trying to get each note in it's right place. This track actually started with the arppegated synths layered with the bassline and that was it! Later spawned this sort of apocalyptic choir sound. I might change it up just a bit more to make even more epic and deep sounding. Glad you think it's cool!

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4.36 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2008
11:24 AM EDT
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