[3nL] - Lost in Time

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okay so im back from broken fruity loops, but now i have FL8. during the time i wasnt making music i started listening to a lot of trance like tiesto and cordis and thought hey, why dont i try somehting like this, and so i did, and i give you my draft of 'Lost In Time', its only my draft cause im waiting for nexus to install and im gonna use that to complete my song, so dont go too harshly on it, and just dont 0 bomb for no reason, im pretty sure this isnt 0 score shit >_>

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Not bad!

I'd say it's almost perfect, except from the part(s) in which only the drums stays. I'd put some quite low pitched chords in there, to fill the blanks so it wouldn't feel so empty, that does the trick(don't forget to keep em during the whole song)! Another thing is that you you should consider putting some reverb on the short synths you're using. Your synths sounds a lil bit ''dry'', but that's only a matter of taste. Overall you improved! good job! cya!

3ndL3ss responds:

yeah i want to put some pads in there, so im thinking of getting some new VSTs for it since i just downloaded FL8 ive only got sytrus and 3xosc etc etc., and what short synths you talking about cause i put reverb in all the short synths i used =/ can you PM which parts you mean?
thanks for the review though XD =D


Cool =D!

Good Stuff:
I really like how you put a phaser on the clap for an effect =D. Thats really effective =). Also the overall feeling for this song is really dance/rave-y =). When the full bassline comes in at around 3:00 that is just SSSOO awesome! The whole feeling/mood in this song is addicting =D!

This song is overall really good but i feel its too stretched out =P. It leaves just the kick playing too many times in my oppinion.


Keep it up!!! Pm me when you post a full version =).

(At least i think ur making a full version? "Im waiting for nexus to install and im gonna use that to complete my song")

3ndL3ss responds:

thanks for the review man XD, yeah i wanted to experiement with the clap and i came up with this awesome sound and though, yup, im using it, and ill work on it.

yeah im gonna make a full version its just atm im trying to get nexus to work on my FL cause for some reason it doesnt want too =/.

but still thanks for the review! =D


d00d this song is SICK!!!!

i love it, really dancy and club like. i like this new style. osunds like it told u a while!


good luck finishing it when u get nexus!

3ndL3ss responds:

thanks XD, if it goes well when im finished using nexus on it, i might continue making music like this ^_^
thanks for the review


3.30 wooo

that part sounds really kickass, did you use modualtion , and if yes then what lolz. Sounds really good, i like the intro , except it does repeat alittle too much, maybe throw in some varation like piano chords in between the gaps ( nexus is amazing for piano) .
overall man, this sounds great for a trance song , i could see this on top 5 when the finished version is done :)
4.44 / 5.00 (+ 0.064)

3ndL3ss responds:

thanks dude and 3:30 is just basically 3xosc with a load of FX like reeverb and flanger etc etc, yeah its a bit repetitive but its purposely repetitve, but ill fix that up anyways ^_^
thanks for the review!



Still uncomplete, but a great song nonetheless. I just think it couldve built up faster. The breaks in the song near the start were disrupting the overall 'flow' of the track, but when these stopped, it was awesome.
I think you couldve used a bit of a heavier beat though, It sounds a just little empty.
I liked that kick at 05:05. That worked quite well and stopped it from getting boring :)
I think its a bit repetitive. While you do change the melody, you use the same one quite a bit. Otherwise, nicely done here.
Keep up the good work :)


3ndL3ss responds:

yeah its imcomplete as i said in my authors review, and i used 1 melody throughout the song but i broke it up in different sections. im waiting for nexus to install so i can have more than just sytrus and simsynth and 3xosc. and i purposely made it repetitive cause trance is usually repetitve, like if you listen to karcos remix of PoE you'll se he uses one melody but breaks it up, but thanks for the review! XD


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Aug 24, 2008
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