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This is a piano solo that starts out in in Cminor, swiching between it and the relative major... and about halfway through, it modulates to Abmajor and back to Cminor about 3/4s through... This song was really just an experiment to see if I could pull off the key changes without it sounding horrible.

Let me know what you think... I could always use constructive critisism. Enjoy!


what should I critize?

I think the transitions were wonderful and i loved the way the piano sounded just solo. To me, since my second greatest love in life is my family (the first being jesus), I picture all the hard things my family has gone through. Then the good things, the stupid jokes, the even stupider fights....

It especially makes me think of my siblings and how close and loyal we are to each other. We love each other so much, that a lot of hatred is there too. If you catch my meaning.... This causes me to pause and realize just how much I appreciate and treasure my relationship with them. Thank you.

Tamadrum responds:

By all means, you are welcome... I always try to paint an image with music, nothing specific, but something... I am glad that you enjoyed this piece as well...

4.35 / 5.00 (+ 0.013)

I was completely mesmorised by this piece, the softness - the hope, shining from a small crack deep within the surface slowly creeping up and up towards the sky.

3:05 the chance walks away as the hope rests and waits for another chance.

This may sound like gibberish but this is what I think of when I listen to this song.

Tamadrum responds:

Thanks for the image man... And thanks for the review!!


you have done it once again as i have done in eariler reviews i will state what i feel/see.

A man is walking down a street head bent over in sadness. He lost something held dear to him (cant think of what yet) his sorrow is almost overcoming until 1:03 he sees hope on the horizon in the form of a young woman. They get to know one another over time. Their lives entwined as if fate itself put them together up until 1:50 when she leaves for unknown reasons with a letter left behind "no matter what happens, i will come back for you." the man reads the letter with teary eyes. but there is still hope. If she follows her letter she will reaturn back to him, and their love will reaturn. He watches incomping planes cars and all other forms of transportation for a sign of her for years until one day it happens (2:59) time slows to a stop as their eyes make contact, both crying with joy at seing eachother once again. Slowly they approach eachother then embrace eachother again (3:30) All well be well, they know it. all will be well.

thank you again for this lil snippet of freedom you have given me. gj again

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Tamadrum responds:

:-) Your stories are great man... They make me wanna write.


Very good job between the key switches, I'm trying that with my program but I tend to be better at guitar than musical programming. I can't decide whether this would sound nice with a tiny bit of percussion or if that would completely ruin it. Possibly a xylophone would sound nice in the Cminor/Abmajor keys...And it does sound good.

Tamadrum responds:

Thanks man... I was really just experimenting to see if I could pull it off. glad to see you liked it.


I love the piano lol Like in general But I also Like this... A nice soft piano piece I give you a ten because well for one its awesome and two it seems like you put lots of effort into it so nice work!

Have A Great Day!

XenoxX :)

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Tamadrum responds:

Oh, Thank You! I will have a great day. lol. thanks for the review...

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