Pop Punk^DFT {DEMO}

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If you're going to vote low, please explain in a review, Thanks. :D

If you can, try to ignore the fact that the guitars are slayer. I have nothing else to work with. This is short because it is a work in progress.

This is my most recent 'rock' song. I'm not really sure which category it would fit best in, since it's only partially done. It originally started out as a really short piano loop, but my friend mentioned that it sounded like a pop punk type song. I listened to it again, and was surprised to find that he was right. Then I started work on the song.

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I really liked it...but it is too short...(DEMO) of corse...but still a nice soung to hear.... Great Job...

yeah, pretty lackluster

well, the concept was fine, and ur lead melody was good, but the production was just really weak if you ask me. the transitions were okay, and some of the random sfx in the background were cool. also, i think this works better as a loop than a song, but anyway, here's my beef:

first, none of the instruments sounded deep nor realistic. i take it the electric guitar was fl slayer or something [i dont use fl]? well, it sounds just kind of painful and weak. theres no human touch to it so it just sounds very mehhhh. and the piano was not emotional at all, just crapping out teh same outline of the melody again. and then u get that harpsichord-type thing, but once again, no variation in tone... just the same melodic theme. in other words--it got boring really fast and the instruments you chose didn't sound very deep, nor push the musical thought any further.

second, repetition. i'm fine with repetition, but all you seemed to do was switch up the instruments and make slight variations on the melody. the basslien stayed the same, and the drums only changed from the intro [where they just sounded like a spastic, crazy, pretty much half-assed loop] to the body of the song.

well, i think you can do stuff about this. i'd either find a better way to work with the guitar and give it some style [maybe play around with the distortion, modulate it in real time so the sound constantly changes. just listen to a legit guitarist and try modulating all dem knobs until it sounds at least somewhat interesting], or ditch it for something new.

i'd just try to make everything just... sound more real, rather than a lame midi early 90's loop lol. because that's how it struck me.

im sorry if im being harsh, but i hope i helped out a bit. idk how to voice my criticism here--its just that it sounds so retro and basic in a situation where that doesnt really fit.
i review you, so plz see my stuff too-its only fair :\

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Darthfett responds:

Thank you for being honest and for the lengthy review! Yes, the guitar is the terrible FL Slayer guitar. However, with all my experiments, I've yet to find a way to make it sound GOOD. lol, they just can't do anything good so far. The piano is going to be replaced with a very thin/light guitar sound.

The real-time modulation of knobs is something I recently learned about, but I haven't tried out yet. I'll try it out now and see where I can go with it. :)

Styles of music are still new to me. I only fiddle around with music every once in a while now, and usually it sound terrible. I try, but usually I'm just not in the creative mood. : /

On a side note, I try to review my reviewers' music, since they did spend the time on mine. I sometimes don't get around to it (sorry!), but I do try to give to those who gave. I will definitely review some of your stuff. :)


It was a lillte repetative but the reason it was repetative was because there was not much variety. It was the same line over and over played with different instruments and on different scales. But good though.

Darthfett responds:

Not completely the same thing over and over again, but a lot of it is very similar, yes. I'll try to make it a little less repetitive, because repetitiveness is very repetitive, is that not repetitive? :P

Thanks for the review.



It had a good entrance. It's a good use of a few sounds.

The track could use more sounds, more veriety, more flow, fading in and out.
Also echoes. "The Guitar" sounded a bit too rough. The beat was ok. Just could have done better, with more sounds or effects.

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Darthfett responds:

Thank you very much for the critical, but helpful review!

I will take the ideas into consideration for the next version of this. :)

Thanks for the review!!

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Aug 23, 2008
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