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(NUB)Damn Schoolbus Bob

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Aug 23, 2008 | 6:17 AM EDT
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Rated 4.20 / 5 stars
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Electronic - Drum N Bass

Author Comments

I'm starting to really enjoy the stories people are attaching to my music, I'd love to hear some stories that pop into your heads for this one

Tried to go for a more DNB style this time. :D



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There isn't much time...

We streak through the city, ignoring streetlights and shrieking horns of protest. Robert slams us around a corner, the breaks squeal, and my head smashes against the window.


"Seat belts, Kathy!" He says cheerfully.

That loser--he's actually ENJOYING this! End of the world and all he can think of are cheap action movie tricks, and giving me a swift concussion before we even reach Empire Park.

"Hang on tight!"

The yellow school bus blares through the intersection at 5th and Lincoln. There's the park now--(thank God!)--and a glittering cage of blue arcs seems to sneer at our arrival. There isn't much time.

Robby parks with as much poetry as he drives; he just smashed it through the fence and up onto the curb. He opens the doors and we fly down the steps, expecting the worse--and boy, does it deliver!

The sparking field of blue is nearly at it's strongest point. Clinton (that traitorous dirtbag!) is inside along with the rest of the Conclave, working at fraying the very fabric that holds our reality together. There is no backup. We're all that's left.

There isn't much we can do, short of running full-force at the pure wall of magic. The shield won't bend no matter how hard we try. I could stand and flick curses all day--there would be no getting past that barrier.

I'm watching the scene before me, feeling the edges of Beyond tugging, straining--and Rob stares behind us regretfully as the engine on the bus smokes.

"Aw." He scratched the back of the neck, "I could have picked up loads of chicks in that..."

"Damn the schoolbus, Bob!" I lashed a finger at the pillar, "We've got BIGGER things to worry about!"

As though this were his cue, he starts forward with confidence I don't feel. He makes it to the wall of sparking blue, and attacks it with all his strength.

I expected him to be thrown back, a smoking shell of his human self, but he stands there and bears the sizzling magic, tearing it open with his bare hands. I'm not so quick to follow behind him--what is this? What has he done that he can so easily dismantle the Conclave's charm?

The field shatters--scraps of the magic turn to a sonic shockwave of sorts as the barrier falters, and finally collapses. The power sends me sprawling, and I hear cars slamming into other solid things behind me. No time. Must--

Rob is still standing--so are the thirteen figures who had previously been inside the cage of light.

I'm close enough that I can see Clinton's expression.

"Oh, hell." The thin-faced man swears, and Rob and I charge.

The other robed members of the Conclave meet us halfway, staffs in the air. There are bright flashes of white and I counter with a wave of my hand.

"The thing about me, boys..." I give a wane smile. They all look thunderstruck at my dismissal of their energy, "The same curse won't work on me twice. SUBSTANCE CONFORM!"

With a curled fist I lunge into position seven of the Haidruk Set. The kinetic energy around me coils and lances out at four of the nearest Conclave members--withering bolts of pure power.

Three were not fortunate enough to have memorized the counterspell. I slip into the following forms of the set and meet the other members as well as I can.

"You will not defeat us!" The tallest man swung his staff and brought it down on me, "WE ARE THE CHOSEN! WE--"

A tripping junks makes him stumble on his robes. I spring forward at his buddy, disarm him at once and flip him to the ground.

Rob had (of course) left me to do the housework and went straight for Clint. Clint knew Rob wanted blood--see, the two of us don't deal very well with traitors. As my partner charged the thin-faced man, you know what he did? Did he try to stand and fight? Did he turn back to the rune symbols on the ground, and try to finish what the Conclave started? No. The two-faced liar turned right around and tried to run away.

And then, a lot of things happened at once.

The remaining members of the Conclave gathered their wits enough to subdue me.

Rob pounced and pinned Clint to the ground--pistol shoved neatly to his temple.

"It's over."


Rated 5 / 5 stars


i loved the start especially when it builds up


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Schoolbus bob...

From the beginning:
You come home from a night shift at work and notice something on the counter and think "oh crap, my kids" you watch them get on the bus from your window but its not a normal school bus, its peedo bob's school bus, so you grab two things off of the counter and jump in your car, speeding after the bus.
peedo bob is so close infront of you, you can smell the swear on the man, you follow him going as fast as you can go weaving in and out of traffic, narrowly avoiding death at every turn, thats it he spots you from his rear view, "oh crap, not again" he thinks as his foot truely presses that peddle home, getting ever closer to your final destination, he smashes into your car, you slide into some nearby road works doing a series of intrecut flips, luckily you land on your wheels feeling really very sick, the sun pours in through the windshield and the breeze slightly caressing your skin giving you a second wind, you drop a gear and hit the road again, people and places fly past on the out side, you hardly notice the buildings, the padestrians, the people drinking coffee in their favourite coffee bar, everything blurs past you.
The End:
You catch up with peedo bob's bus again, so close and yet so far, you chase him down a freeway getting so close to the city now ever closer, you think "i have to do it now or this is the end" you plogh into the rear wheel of the bus and the next 30 seconds is a complete blank as you barely avoid death from a bus wheel coming through the window, thats it, the bus has stopped you get out not forgetting what you need from the car, walking over to the bus and you kick the doors open, grabing peedo bob and throwing him out of the bus onto the road
Ending 1 (read 2 if you want a nice ending):
you know what you took from home by now was a gun forcing it into the fat sweaty mans face telling him if he ever comes near your family again you will kill him. but the long haired, greaceball just doesnt learn and as you turn away he spits at you telling you that next time he will get away and he will make it his mission to get your kids, your face fills with malice, your heart fills with anger and as you turn to this fat, sweaty, greacy man, your eyes fill with a red mist and all you can see is red. The police are called, the report "a man has been shot 32 times 14 in the head and the rest in the body".
Ending 2:
you turn and climb aboard the bus running up to your kids and kneeling down in front of them, your son says to you " daddy why are you here?" you think back to everything thats happend and realise that after all that you have what they forgot behind your back, you pull some brown paper bags with lunches in and hand then over, telling your children you love them walking off the bus and helping (S)peedo bob on his way, waving to the bus, you get into your car and go home to start all over again tomorow.
43 minutes of story there :P i feel it all fits very well you'll just need to listen to the track a few times because if you can pick your ending and shorten it enough, then it fits with your music amazingly. lol all the love


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i'm new!

i just felt like running. love it.

Maybe at the start you were in darkness, then the lights slowly came on.
Then you realise you were somewhere unknown to you and you jsut started running where ever you could. stopping only to get back some breathe then you continue running. Nearing the end you got very excited as you felt that you were nearing freedom. Then suddenly darkness again.


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I swear....

hey, first off its cardboard,

anyway, lol, I'm starting school this tuesday, and the second i get out of the car, this song goes on and i will have a soundtrack for the worst/best day ever. lol, MOAR DNB!

nubbinownz responds:

oh hey you :D thank you! :D hope it turned out good :D