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Sorrow Knows Many Names

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Author Comments

2/14/09 EDIT: I used a recording program to amplify the sound. The plus side, it's a bit louder(you still may have to turn up the volume a little though). The downside, you can hear more white noise. Ah well, I tried.


This song was recorded in the same manner as my previous song, with a crappy mic. This is a solo piano piece I have been working on for some time now and it has been composed and played by yours truly. This piece is supposed to sound quiet at times, so you should probably turn up the volume a little. On another note, yes I messed up once or twice but this was the best recording I could get and I am still new to piano. I appreciate reviews and will try to respond to any I may get. Thank you for listening.


pretty ok

Not a bad start for composing.
At 1:45 is totally "My Heart Will Go On" from Titanic :)), like for real, just listen.
Anyway, here are some tips:
1-Get a decent recording/ editing program. Audacity is free and good enough.
2-There is a tool in almost all editing programs named "noise reduction", learn to use it properly and you'll get rid of the white noise in no time ;)
3-There is an option in almost all programs to normalize the tracks, this way you'll get enough volume without distorting/ clipping.
4-If you still don't have enough volume, learn how to use compression (there is a thread in the Audio Forum).
5-For achieving a "larger" sound you can try to use some reverb (not too much). This way the sound will appear as from a concert hall, not a small room.

Hope this is helpfull.
For more tips you can always ask in the Audio Forum.

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MusicMyOxygen responds:

Haha yea I'm noticing that now. Its slightly different though, but it being in the same key as that song makes it hard to differenciate haha.

Thanks for the advice! I've recently been messing with audacity, so hopefully ill get some better stuff recorded soon, and stuff thats at a higher caliber than this.

I really appreciate the review! thanks!

Pretty good.

A point off because it was very quiet because even though my speakers were turned all of the way up I had a hard time hearing most of it. I just made sure it was quiet in the room that I was in and listened carefully. (I also have pretty bad hearing) It was pretty good all the way through. When it picked up towards the end it may have been a bit messy, but other then that a pretty good audio submission. Good job.


~ Review Request Club ~

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MusicMyOxygen responds:

Thanks. I understand about the quietness though, so I can't blame you. And yes, I messed up once when the tempo picked up, thank you for taking the time to notice. I'm glad you thought it was pretty good.


I think that the soft notes approach works quite well for this tune, but I would suggest that you maybe calm the tempo down, as it seems to be a little too quick for a sorrow in places.

Making it slightly louder would not have hurt, either. You need to express yourself, but without going over the top on the volume, I admit. When the second part comes around on about 2m30s, you can feel some sort of power within the notes, but it's still too fast for the feelings that I have within.

A very ncie sounding piece, but I would have also suggested maybe a little string backing from the orchestra, as that would carry it nicely.

[Review Request Club]

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MusicMyOxygen responds:

Thak you for your review. A soft approach was what I was going for. I caan see the advantages of a clamer tempo, but "Sorrow Knows Many Names". There are many causes of sorrow, and think that all sorrow is soft and slow is a misconception. For while a majority of the time it is, there are times when it is not.
I hear what everyone is saying about turning up th e volume a little, an dit is something I am looking into in any possible re-recordings. And who knows, I may end up slowing it down.
An orchestra? I couldn't agree more. But I honestly didn't want to risk ruining its elegance within it's simplicity of a solo piece. But then again, I may change my mind.
I thank you once again for a very thoughtful review.


It's a nice song, but I think it's too quiet. You should either play the piano in a more aggressive way or try to turn up the volume of your mic. Because right now many fine nuances of your play just can't be heard because of the low volume.
And I think it's a shame that we can't listen to it properly, because that what I heard sounded great!

{ Review Request Club }

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MusicMyOxygen responds:

Its good to know you enjoyed it. A quiet feel was sort of what i was going for though. I realize that I probably overdid it though but that is because it was difficult finding the perfect voloumed in which to pick it up. Because while this song is overall quiest it has a part or two where it got a little louder, and you have to make it so that it picks it up, but no so much that there is fuzz or that you can barely hear it. I am not that good with recording and whatnot. I will hopefully fix the low volume issue if and when I re-record it. I am happy that you were still able to see through the low volume and to the aspects of the song and the playing of it. Thank you for review, I really appreciate getting them.

bit quiet

make it a touch louder and don't let it sorta drop off too far at certain points, i thought the song was over for a while until it picked up again, anyway you played masterfully and i thoroughly enjoyed it, even the slow parts added something to it

.:Review Request Club:.

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MusicMyOxygen responds:

I am glad you enjoyed it, and thank you for taking the time to write a review. I am sorry about the volume issue, and I am aware that it may be in my best iintrest to make it louder or to not leave such large rests. Then again I thought it may have added to suspence to have the listener waiting to see what would happen next. Masterful playing? Again, I am flattered. I dont think I'm really that fantastic of a piano player, but that doen't mean I dont really appreciate it when people say so. Again, I'm really glad you liked it.

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4.10 / 5.00

Aug 22, 2008
7:30 PM EDT
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4.1 MB
4 min 31 sec

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