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EDIT: I used Click Remover and Normalize in Audacity. Still a long way to go.

I made this today and was proud of my melodies so I'd thought I'd upload it.

I suck at mastering and making decent sounds... anyone want to help me? (PM me)





Nice song

Really. This is pretty good. Although, my review wouldn't be as long as these fellow's reviews, its the thought that counts ;P. Only suggestion is to practice mastering things. If you have a AIM, or any other instant messenger then I can help you with some of the mastering, so if you do have a IM, PM it to me.
Great song, keep workin on it and remaster it!
And NX1777 brought up something I hate, is where people reference chord progressions to dj-nate, dj-nate only USES them, he didn't like freakin create it....
Sorry, that was out of subject. Well I have nothing else to say, but good job.

Sanryd responds:

Thanks again for the review.

Your review was longer than the average review... i've been getting insanely long reviews lately....lol, which is awesome... I'm learning a ton of things i completely overlooked in my music making.... my eyes are opening... and hopefully my mastering skills improve.

Um, no AIM.... or messanger... I'm a Skype kinda guy.

However, I'm all ears if you any tips for mastering.

Finally got to this.

Sorry for taking so long, I've been busy lately. :)

First thing that comes to mind with this track is that you seem to still be using FL Studio presets with both your synths and your drums. I'd suggest getting away from those ASAP, those will do nothing but hurt your tracks most of the time. Find other synths to use or get good at making your own sounds, and as for drums, find better samples - for this style, Vengeance is always a viable option, though be careful, it can make your songs sound very generic.

Second thing, I believe that bass pattern came from a Basshunter song? Come on, it's easy to be a lot more original than that. ;) I also don't like your bassline - it's the very cliched dance bassline, i - VI - III - VII, which I hear used almost everywhere. Do everything you can to avoid it, your tracks will only sound generic (which is a bad thing - if your song is generic, there are others like it, and why would someone want to listen to your track over someone who does the same style but better?) if you use it. The vox "Let's drop this bass," didn't seem necessary at all to me either.

Next, use only one bass synth per song. So, you shouldn't have used either the sub or the bass from the intro - I'd have to say, the sub bass, as those rarely do a track like this any good while playing at the same time as the drums.

Try to find one core melody (4 or 8 measures long should do the trick - for this track, you would have wanted a 4-measure melody) for your track to revolve around. This is what'll make it memorable and defining to your listeners... believe me, it's important. ;D Without one, the track will sound random and incoherent overall.

Last point: check out my post at http://karcoreviewalt.newgrounds.com. I'm not going to repeat what I said there, here, so give it a look and see what applies to your tracks. I don't think any one point applies to your track particularly strongly, mostly because it's geared towards intermediate-level artists, and you seem to be still at a beginners' level (by my standards anyway - you seem to have been making music for a while, so you might consider yourself intermediate. In this case, my intermediate is your advanced, my beginner is your intermediate). ;)

What I'd suggest doing now, is first to find your own sounds. That's the most important thing. They can be anything, as long as they're not generic FL sounds. Those are probably the worst sounds you can use - they'll almost always hurt your track compared to what you could be using, believe me. ;D Second thing, aim for originality and coherency - don't use that bassline, and make a core melody to define the track.

Not that good a track overall in my opinion, but hopefully my criticism explains why I rated what I did. ;) Keep at it.

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Sanryd responds:

Nice and lengthy, I appreciate that. I don't think I can match that length in response, lol... but we'll see.

When I first started making this song, it was called "Generic Techno Song", and so i tried to make everything generic, then I couldn't help myself and started writing more melodies and harmonies. Unfortunately I didn't scrap the poor idea of "Generic Techno Song", and left most of what was still there and hence the not cool synths, bass line, etc. So I think this song in general needs to be completely revamped... I agree.

The VOX, "Let's drop this bass", i loved that... Damnit! Do i really have to leave it? :P

Thats a pretty good idea about 1 bass synth, i usually cloud my piece with too much bass buzzy here and there and I've never figured why so much muddy sound in my songs. Thanks.

Everyone that has heard the song (not on NG) says they feel like its a journey, at first I took that as a completement, but now I see what you're saying... there is no "hook" or catch melody.... its way to long and moving.

Um, I don't see myself as anything but Beginner.... doesn't matter how many songs or how long I've been making them. I do see potential in my stuff but don't consider it good yet. I will definitely put it on my list of things to do to go check out your page.

I actaully read your review a couple days ago and have been getting new sounds and new everything since you mentioned it. Also have been watching FL tutorials... since that is something I never did, which I think was a dumb idea, since i've been making music on the same level for almost a year.... not a smart decision. So hopefully from this point, a difference in the quality of my songs will be noticed... I also don't think I'll be able to pump as much stuff out, since I have come to find out how much goes into a really good piece, lol.

I really appreciate the criticism, gets me off my arse to learn, and not be complacent. Thanks for taking the time to review.


this sounds cooleyo!

it sounds like something ive heard b4, maybe dj-nate?
idk but it still sounds really cool.
all the synths go very well together.
the meloz were really awesome!

Sanryd responds:

Hmmm... its suppossed to sound generic... however, i didn't copy anyones song... that I know of. He might have stuff with similar melodies.

Thanks for the review... Oh and I checked out your song as well, way to remake an oldie... gave ya a nice big fat 5! :P

Well done.

Nice strong bass and drums. Melodies were kickass, a really good song. :)
Here's a hint, whenever you finish a song, put a Soundgoodizer on the Master channel, makes the whole song sound better.

Sanryd responds:

Oooo, good idea.... i don't have one of those... where the hell do I find one? Is it standard VST or something?

Thanks for the review.

Yo sanyrd

hey dude decent track here.

I don't know how I'm going to be able to follow up a review from KB but I'd agree what he says.

Solid ideas here, decent melodies, good flow, but the structure itself feels a bit unimaginative and generic (although, I don't how you could improve this much while still retaining the danceyish feel)

Like KB said, the sounds feel a bit dated, I *believe* they are all pretty much raw sytrus presets (but thanks for not using the Eurotrance preset lol, and I did like the leads and pads, theyre just overused)- definetly the drums could use some work, work on layering different samples together, mess with compression on EQ until you can get a nice original sound. Surf the web for different types of samples, I think I had a link to a general samplekit posted on my third blog. As for the synths, start making your own from scratch, just basic ones from the start with 3xosc, and mess with tweaking the sytrus sounds.

as for the mixing- not my area of expertise but for a song like this it doesnt feel like it has enough reverb, to really spark that danceing inside a club type of feel. Maybe put some on the lead to make it stick out a bit more. this could also use a spruce of EQing to really carve out the sounds more to maximize the clarity and make the mix less flat, but I dont have any specific tips on how to do so.

as far as the composition goes, the only thing I would do differently is add more to the part after the second melody theme comes in, keep the pads in the background, maybe make the drums sound a bit more intense by laying the clap with a snare and maybe switching the closed hi hats with an open every now and then.

Lastly missing effects? i'd say include some more drastic automations perhaps- somewhat like in the intro mess with automating the filter frequencies, resonance, and EQ bands, just experiment around with them see how different levels mesh with each other.

i'll end with some links

www.basicsofedm.newgrounds.com <-- good guide on starting to make EDM type of music

www.karco.newgrounds.com <-- on one of his blog posts he's got an excellent tutorial for this type of music

www.blackhole12.com <-- guide on how to work sytrus, a must read

Good job man, keep the music coming. keep these melodies saved and once you get more experience you'll be able to make this into a NG classic haha. i know some of this advice was pretty vague but if you have specific questions feel free to ask.

Sanryd responds:

Uber cool Review....LOL.

Seriously, thanks... I appreciate the detailed and lengthy review.

I know what youn mean about the structure, I forgot to include in my description that this isn't the completed structure but rather the completed melody structure, if that makes any sense?

The sytrus isn't preset and has about 4 effects on them, however... not enough change in my opinion... its a complicated story but the short of it, is that they should have been changed before I uploaded the song. So i'm completely agree with you on that. - Though I admit I'm a noob in FL and rely too heavily on messing with sytrus and have 0 experience in 3xosc... and will be starting to learn about that wonderful thing.

Adding even more reverb on the main synth was genius... why didn't i think of that. Thanks.

Thanks for the tips, thanks for the links.

I will absolutely keep making music. By the time I have actually figured how to make instruments sound good I think I'll have a library of my own music to remake.

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