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Geno's Forest: Chill Out

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Man, I don't think this could be any more calming heh. Comments?

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Good job. And yes, it is relaxing.

Awesome Sauce

Like what Genwhite240 stated, the beginning was slow, but the rest was pretty solid. I do enjoy how you decided to take the more slow and chill route with this song rather than going for something faster as most mixes I've heard do. Well done.


maria and crew and going through the forest not worrying about the dangers head cause they are so relaxed it is impossible for them to fear such dangers ahead, the tune they listened in there ears has cause such relaxation even the dangers ahead dont seem to bother mario and crew

I believe this is one of the closest to the song

Even though its slower it has more feeling that why it is so close everyone is doing it fast but proabably you just had to take it slow..

Very nice

I really enjoyed this, having never heard the original. My only comment would be that the beginning was a little slow in comparison to about 0:50 on, which is what I really enjoy about the song. Regardless, I really enjoyed it!