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Star Wolf's Army [Orchestra]

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*also if you got alot of stereo aka sub woofers n other good audio setup then this Song shall sound X2 badass on them Super setups ;)*
Massive tribute to the ownage star wolf :)
Enjoy :D
did alot of work on this comparing to the orignal n back
And editing alot of notes.
I also did alot of volume clipping making sure none of them went to loud or too low. and some at just the right volume.
Take a memorie trip back to the old days in the present >:)
words cant describe this o_0 i dunt know what to say in this empty space lolz....
but the music says words in ways others cant :) K im done :D

Heres a quick story behind the orchestral.

A grey wolf stood over an arrangement of pilots, barking orders and constantly howling. It had taken Wolf seven years to form this army, and he would not fail this time.
He spent countless hours hand picking and training each recruit, until each pilot was capable of destroying that wretched Fox in their sleep.

The time had come, and Wolf was ready.
He inspected his ship of terror, the ship of the blood-red wolf, the ship he would ride into chaos, and smiled a deathly smile.
"The time is here. Fox will be MINE!"

Wolf and his army sped into the dark reaches of space. They were flying to Sector X, which, thanks to that moronic fox, had been purified of it's acidic qualities. Finally, they arrived.

Wolf stood on top of his ship, and yelled to his pack.
"Fox lies in that base, that sorry excuse for a hideout! Today! We will crush him, destroy him, and make sure he NEVER flies again. DEATH BE UPON ALL WHO OPPOSE US!! WOLVES, LET US FLY INTO THE DEEP, AND COME OUT WITH THE FOX HELD HIGH! OUR MOMENT HAS COME!! GO! FLY! WE SHALL TAKE HIM BY FORCE, AND HE WILL NOT RETURN HERE EVER, EVER AGAIN!" Wolf screamed at the top of his lungs, and let out a blood thirsty howl. His army. His plan. Foxe's death. This was perfect.

Wolf led the assault. Crimson red ships flew every direction. They poured into Foxe's base, firing plasma, lasers, bombs, and all manner of weaponry inside. Explosions rattled the very air, and the shock of the blasts reverberated throughout the base.

Little did his band of fighters know that, in exactly 5 seconds, Wolf would tear the base apart with one, single bomb. Wolf said to himself, "Sacrifice Is necccessary, and began the count down.

"Get ready everyone! Fox will be here soon!"
Wolf's claws reached closer and closer to the fatal trigger.
Foxe's base was torn apart. In the center of it all stood one blue, hopeful ship.
The blue fighter ignited. It's engines screamed, roared, they were begging to fly.
Wolf rammed his claw onto the trigger; The bomb dropped. His Army was decimated in one single blow. He was all that remained. Or so he thought.

That one jet, that single, recurring nightmare in Wolf's life, was flying high. Unscathed by the bomb, it's pilot whispered into his intercom. Wolf only heard one thing: "Wolf, you'll never catch me."

A ray of plasma slammed into Wolf's hull. The smell of burning iron filled his nose, and the sound of a fierce laughter emitted from his intercom. How could this be? Everything was perfect. He had his Army. He had a plan. He had EVERYTHING. And it was all ruined by one single fox.

Nothing, not even Wolf's Army, could stop one single Fox.
As Wolf plummeted toward the ground, the very little which existed in Sector X, only one thing was in his mind.

He would be back. And he would win.
Created by ChimChime :D Nice work dude good story for the song :)!!!!


Poor story, weak song.

If we're talking about an entire army gathered by Wolf, big enough and skilled enough to go up against Andross' army, then the music has to be so much more powerful, more booming; drop that bomb!
The story also happens to lack so much sense and logic it's baffling. One, Sector X is a formation out in SPACE, a cloud of gas in the shape of an X; how could Wolf stand on his ship, still flying, in no gravity and no oxygen? Two, why organize an entire elite army if you're just going to nuke all the poor bastards? That's just unreasonable use of resources. Finally, Fox? Laughing at somebody's misery? The morally upheld leader of the four man squad of Starfox, which, in itself, doesn't even have a base? Ugh! It feels as though you didn't even play the game before; you just heard the song and thought it was cool! YOU LOSE!

BowserThedestructive responds:

I don't care it was the title to fit a remake made with midi...people like it so I don't care. Sure I plan to remake all my old famous remakes in more POWERFUL way eventually when I get the stuff I need and experience to do so...oh expect great things when I can.

this is amazing

even better than the amazing original.
Good job.

-your biggest fan: jioplip

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BowserThedestructive responds:

=] Thanks HEHEHE

Loved it

I loved the game. it was my first game besides Mario and i fell in love with it i have a play station three and still play this game some times STARFOX 64 FTW !

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just wow

i'm speachless


I feel wolf and army coming.
3 big thumbs up

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