Party On Vogonsphere

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Finally, a new song! With effects! Now, look lively and leave a review!

EDIT 25.03.2010:

A year and a half after uploading the track it makes the front page?! Coooool! And as a result, the score plummeted, slightly x) Anyways, I'm glad people get to hear it. Check out my other songs as well, there's some oldies like this one and one (almost) brand new.



the only reason being repetitive is bad is when the tune is annoying...
But man this tune is SOOO AWESOME...
I also like the deep background music from 23 second...
The bass is pretty Sweet too..
I part from the space effect is a preety sweet idea too....
Everything was perfect until 2:50..
Cuz the higher pitch didnt really sound gud and u removed the beats going thud thud thud....
In fact, from the point where the faint beats comes in, actually needs deeper beats..
But everything else was just great, as usual!! :)

Mr-Devil responds:

I know it needs deeper beats, that's kind of what I tried to do, but it didn't work out :D But I'm glad you still liked it! "Great as usual" ? I'm most honored, kind sir! :D Thanks a bunch for the review!


/Open FL
/Insert Sytrus
/Select Eurogate Preset
/insert 4 bar piano roll pattern
/Turn up the BPM too a level that is too high for mainstream music
/Repeat bars 64 measures.

In other words, being new to FL is okay, but it WAS a bit repetitive and standard

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Mr-Devil responds:

At first when I read this, I got slightly angry, but I think mostly at myself, because what you wrote is so true. I know exactly what you mean, but as you said, I was new to this back then. I think that in the future I'm going to try and mend my ways, and produce something original, although I don't have access to live recording tools like you. You've got a good thing going, I listened to some of your songs, they're very good, you need more views. Keep an eye on me in the future, I think I can get you to give me at least an 8 later on x)

I like fast

fast is always good.........ALWAYS!

Mr-Devil responds:


Almost there...

Pretty good man.

I always think the goal in creating a song is to make the program you used to do it ambiguous to listeners, and you did a pretty good job of that except for the FL Studio effects.

Well done though.

Mr-Devil responds:

Well, this was the first time I used effects on any song, so they might be a bit dodgy. Anyways, I'm glad you liked it.


sounds good, although the name's slightly confusing... I'm trying really hard to imagine a bunch of Vogons dancing to this, which is difficult, as, to my knowledge, there is only one Vogon with any grace, and he's a fanfictiony-type one, Constant Mown... However, I will not allow my Hitchhiker's Guide geekery to spoil such a utterly splendid song... Needs a bit of a boom boom sound at bits though. however, you get a 10. sorry for making such a long review.

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Mr-Devil responds:

I always like to imagine a great big Vogon rave-party when I listen to this x) As for the boom, I wasn't all that good at it a year and a half ago, and have hopefully slightly improved since :) Thanks for the review!

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Aug 17, 2008
4:38 PM EDT
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