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_=(Wolf)=_ Moments Of A high

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Oy just testing my newfound trance abiliites. Went for another one my second Trance attempt =D.
Tell me what ya think folks and please review and vote fairly.

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you had a pretty decent intro going on :) goood job on that. once the first background staccato synth established its melody, dont forget to make it vary as the song goes on.

the synth melody that came in was good. try adding a strong compressor on it to make it snappy [pm me if u dont kno how.]

the bass drum is wonderful! just make sure that it its actually in tempo--it seemed kinda off kilter. and the bassline was pretty decent.

something about the song made it sound really muddy, its probably the style of the bass drum, but i like that drum, so idk what you should do about that--maybe single out the dominant frequencies of ur bass drum and eq out everything else, or layer it with a trebly bass drum to make it more textured? i think it might help with the mix.

hehe, this sounded not so finished, so if u ever expand this, gimme a pm... i wanna hear :) hope i helped, this isnt very cliched trance and it sounds great. go for ittt


i review you, you review me... its only fair :)

Geigamg responds:

Aya.. Yeah i like my idea here but it could be alot better =/
Thanks for your time and when I get a chance I will definately review you =o

Grate beat,relaxing in a way

You seem like a nice guy,And you music rock's also do you still need help with your song problem cuze i would be happy to help you finish some song's.

Geigamg responds:

Yeah that offer is still up ^_^" Thanks alot for the comments and your time btw. Makes me feel great bro.

voted 5

Pretty interesting track you've got here. It sounds different, but in a good way. They're are some really interesting sounds here. Some things I've never heard on NG before. The panning sounds were a real plus!
That bass was deep and great sounded.
Fantastic job.
-TMM43 (DJ-Pinke)
PS: Check out my latest track "Love the DJ"

Geigamg responds:

Awsome thanks alot bro. And will do im sure it's another anti blam bomb =P

4.10 / 5.00 (+ 0.17)

man this is really good man! down voters suck! but this song good

Geigamg responds:

=D thanks bro, btw how ya been lately?


i don't like trance so therefore this is shit

Geigamg responds:

-___- great a hate crime, well we got ourselves a poor sport. =D Thanks for your time _=(Wolf)=_

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3.83 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2008
1:24 PM EDT
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