Zboar's Anthem

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The inspiration for this song came when some kids from school came over to my house a few months ago to work on a project. During the bus ride home, I asked one of my partners for the project why his backpack only had the initial of his last name, B. His answer was that people don't call him Z(his first name was Zack) and that people called him Boar, hence the B. My friend Brian (who was also my partner for the project) and I laughed and said hey why don't we call you Zboar? So then instead of working on our project for school I started to make a song called "Zboar's anthem" as a kind of parody, but then it changed into a real song.

Now the song actually started out as a hardstyle song, but i didn't like how it turned out. So I deleted everything of the old Hardstyle Zboar's anthem, and started a new song, which ended up turning into this. I tried to make a sort of hard trance/ hard dance type song but i don't really know how it has ended up. The main melody is the kind that isn't really catchy but I think it sounds pretty cool. If you recognize some of the channels from my other song "Cheesy Shit" that is because I made that song kind of as a spin-off of this one to use the channels that i used in the intro of this song in another song. I have actually been working on this since about late April, the current incarnation taking form about late May. I hope you all enjoy the song, because I've worked pretty hard on it. Please leave reviews if you like the song, I like to see reviews. Enjoy!

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Intenste kick, and melody!

Hmm, well to start of, I am not quite impressed by the intro of this song. You could do some more, but I liked the claps combined with the bass. Anyways, I love your kick, and the bass sounds fine.. do not feel irritated by that little boy beneath me.
Structure of this song is good, however those snare rolls ruined it for me Example:(1:54). They where too long, and not well placed in my oppinion. Anyways a tip here, instead of letting the snare roll for like 8 seconds or so, try to lower that to 4 seconds maximal. And also do not let it roll on the same speed, increase it at 2 seconds, and last ultimate speed at 3 seconds.
Overall a good song though, the melody is very unique, only too short.
5/5 8/10 <- 8/10 for the flaws as described above. Do not think I disliked this song, I mostly give reviews with critism, there where certainly good points in this song as well. those are the things/instruments wich I didn't reckon in this review. Keep it up you got potential!


RagingFlameOfHorror responds:

Yeah now that i look at the snare rolls they do seem too long. When i was making the song i had just figured out about how to slice notes so i guess i got a little carried away haha. And for the intro, it seems extremely out of place i think, and in other songs ive been trying to have relevant intros. I think i fixed the problem in my new song, check it out if you want, thanks again for the review though.


Man this song is sweet! I really like the first 30 seconds of the song!

RagingFlameOfHorror responds:

thanks for the review

nice opening

i loved the opening, sounded very gritty and intriguing. Another thing i love about this song is the beat, so throbbing and pulsating, almost sounds like a Drum and Bass beat, mixed in a trance song. Though the melody did become a bit trite, the rest of the song sounded good. Good job here mate, 5/5, 9/10 from me, keep up the good work :)

RagingFlameOfHorror responds:

wow thanks


this has some high potential to be put in a game. sounds like something that you could wait all day to listen to.

RagingFlameOfHorror responds:

thanks for the good review! If someone's going to use it in a game though, make sure its good


I give it a 6 because it kind of runs in circles, or maybe an oval. Not sure what geometrical it runs in but it doesn't quite go where I'd like it to.

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Aug 16, 2008
9:02 PM EDT
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