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Nightscape (WIP3)

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Author Comments

time is in 13/8, 13/4, and very rarely 13/2. it's for the d&b time contest.

it's only two chords! B-9, A #11. on that note (heh) this is a bit of liquid funk, so if you don't like jazz AND d&b please be objective when you review! thank you.


10/10...as (almost) always ;-)

To everybody who gave sucky ratings: LEARN TO LISTEN TO SONGS 'TIL THE END!!!


sewriously, love the mixed time signatures for the drums ..very experimental of you.
Track sounds very ambitous and prolly took forever to make.
also love the sax you puit in there even though i think it could have b een EQ'd into the song a lil better.
this definitely falls into acid jazz.
would have loved to here some organ with this one.

Now onto the drumwork

Positively loved it... great rythms and cutoffs. not too crazy but just insane enough to make it looney smooth...
the pads in the backround really round this out perfectly

5'd 9'd
downloaded and goin in the ipod
Congrats,,, few make it to my ipod

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not bad...

not bad at all. I've never heard dnb and jazz before but it kinda works so there you go! Sorry for this review being late, I've just come back from holiday. Also, if its a little short and crappy its because I'm not used to this genre of music.
Ok, so its a very interesting track, the saxophone actually works surprisingly well. Although you might want to think about changing the melody a little. I also like the dnb beat. But the song is a little long for my short attention span and you might want to think about having more chords than 2. Also you could work on an intro and outro.

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lol, I read the kind review you left KaiserSzandor. Try to give some advice in addition to bashing/flaunting your superior knowledge to the average newgrounder that you take everyone as. Maybe then you would actually EARN your high horse that your prize yourself riding on so often, for now you're still just an elitiist, pedantic, condescending fuck ;)

as for the track itself, very damn interesting. Some awesome ideas in here- jazz and DnB has got to be one of the most unique blend of styles IMO.

Really like the drum beat going on, still has a DnB drum beat feel while adding the odd time signature complexity, while not feeling too awkward. Like what you did with the ride-crash cymbal throughout, how the rhythm is similar to the ghost notes you would hear in an amen break, and how those hi hat/snare sounding hybrid thingies rhythm were sequenced, not being just boring straight eights. some of the buildup sounds were pretty intresting to hear as well.

Chord Progression rocks, really enjoyed the synth texture you placed on. Nice ambient feel. The filter fade in was really sweet too.

The slowed down beat and stronger pads was real nice in the end.


-Your hi hats sound like a choppy snare sample, wtf?

-The thing that definetly sounds like a snare- sounds a bit weak, maybe layer it with a snare with a good decay and add a minor amount of reverb

-Oh goodness, I didn't like the saxaphone one bit. Both the melody (personal taste? or my I haven't aquired these advanced tastes yet) and the overall sound. I thought the small, lengthy pitch bends (natural element of the soundfont) that used seldomly were overly long, making the melopdy feel real awkward in the background. I know or think of jazz resolves around a lot of dissonance, but given the calm, smooth atmosphere (of the two chords that your presented first) I would like if you toned down the dissonance a bit. Way too many clangers in here for my personal taste (the latter half wasnt too bad). The note at 5:09ish killed it for me, as the previous notes sounded like you were going to roll into smooth, and then broke it. As for the sound, I just hate the timbres of alto saxophones. some of the high register notes were on the verge of ear piercing. Maybe it would be an interesting contrast to include some tenor saxaphone, after all it is a 7+ minute song.

-Work some ambience throughout the piece in a subtle manner, just some random sound FX and small intricate snippets that may help with the repetion and make the general progression more interesting

-Not a big deal since its DnB, but maybe work a distinguishable melodic theme somewhere during the section with the pads, as this mostly sounds like you were jamming in an improv session and just looped a few spliced breakbeat patterns throughout and two chords for the drop section.

-speaking of which- the bassline. I dont care, but since you pride yourself on avoiding simplicity, maybe spice up your bassline more both in a rhytmic and melodic sense, considering it was the same two sustained notes throughout.

Good song and sorry for being late to review, but here's my two cents. Definetly some awesome ideas and very easy to roll with. Though your knowledge is probably far superior than mine, and probably most everyone here.


Well, in addition to having utilized a very annoying lead, which I'm assuming is supposed to resemble a saxophone, it would also be cool if you would maybe demonstrate your claimed knowledge of musical theory, which you failed to do so here.

Although, this would be an okay song had it not been forever minutes long.

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Credits & Info

2.64 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2008
11:37 AM EDT
Drum N Bass
File Info
7.1 MB
7 min 45 sec

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