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Fantasie Mystique (NG Cut)

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I've got a few things to say here, so I'll put them into bullet points for easy comprehension;
1: This is a reworked version of my submission "Carbon Baby (Part 1)"
2: This is the first track of 12 in an album I've got planned, entitled "The Chamber Chronicles". See my newspost for more details.
3: This is a slightly lower quality version (with a couple of small edits) of the song I'll be uploading to Last.FM when the album's done, thus the "NG Edit". The lower quality is due to the original file exceeding the 8MB limit.
I think that's it. It takes a while to get properly into it, hope it doesn't bore. At over 8 minutes long, it's my longest song to date. It's also the closest attention I've paid to the mixing and general compositional contour of the piece. I think it's turned out quite well. Not an epic masterpiece, but all in all, a reasonable track to open the album. I'll get working on rebuilding track 2 soon. Keep an ear out for it!
Thanks for listening, please feel free to vote/review.

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Quite the outstanding work you have here. It was a nice ambient song, very calming and peaceful. Verging on a melancholy feel. I like when you finally added in the drum lines at 3:19. It completely changed tempo and feel, yet still kept it atmospheric expressions.

While listening to this, I imagined standing in the wide open plains, gazing at the stars above, and looking into the endless night.

Overall, you did a brilliant job!


~ Review Request Club ~

WritersBlock responds:

Thanks! I feel like I accomplished a better sound with the classical instruments than I have done in the past, so I'd love to capitalise on that and try some new, dynamic classical pieces in the future. Cheers for the review.


This is a fantastic track. I think this is perfect as a background track. Which genre? I think this track fits in nearly every genre. I just listened to that song while playing a business simulation game. And it fitted very well. And I guess it would fit as well in nearly every other genre.

Even though the track is over 8 minutes long, it doesn't get boring. I like the various melodies you put in here. Together with the background music they build a magnificent whole.
Great track!

{ Review Request Club }

WritersBlock responds:

Well, thanks. I guess it works in the ambient genre, seeing as it fits well as background music. ;D


A wonderful piece that I can see being used as a background for anything 'space'

The first image that came to mind was Wayne's World, where Wayne and Garth are looking up at the night sky. Enjoying that moment of peace, the calm before the storm.

This piece could quite easily be used as an accompaniment to various games, that are sadly bereft of muisical accompaniment - it's so wide ranging, when you consider that the piece starts off sounding like a calming piece, then it picks up the tempo and runs with it for a little while.

You're releasing an album? Is that going to be through a website like Lulu, only for CDs, rather than books? I'd like to know more about that, so keep us informed, will you?

[Review Request Club]

WritersBlock responds:

Not really an official "album" per se, I'm not making money off it, it's not going on iTunes or any online CD stores, but I'll be posting them all on LastFM as an "album" for free download, for my own personal benefits really. So I can tell my friends, "hey, have you seen my album, you can download it here! BAM! (link)". Also, I think it's a fun little goal to come up with a group of songs I'd consider "album worthy". I've mixed and matched some old songs with some new, started redoing them all from scratch, and this is the first result. I made a blog about the proposed album a while back, so you can check that out if you want. The next song off the album will be a remade Carbon Baby pt 2, except that now it's the only Carbon Baby. I haven't done too much there, I'll probably get to that a little later.

Thanks for the review. I think it's great that the song can conjure up that imagery. I'm glad you liked it. ;D


The intro was very smooth and relaxing, then, the drums came in a bit sudden and then blended which was nice... The ending was superb and I can't wait to see more from you...


WritersBlock responds:


wow its very long

this song reall sets a mood for me, espcially at the beginning. I really synth soundfaing in and out too, it remind the listener that theyre still listenng to a techno based track.

an its not just a slight change of tempo when he drop comes, its a completely different beat, which i like but that synth sound remains which is cool. because something has got to keep a link to the beginning of the song.

but it gets a bit boring after a while. the ending is good but it takes too long to get there.

its still a really good, atmospheric track wtih quite a good name too




WritersBlock responds:

Thanks. I'm glad you liked it. I suppose the length issue is somewhat of a problem if you're critiquing the track, but if you press play and just sit back and relax I don't think it'd be too bad, which is kind of what its purpose will be in the end.

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Aug 16, 2008
10:56 AM EDT
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