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Right, so I took on board some advice on my first track, now this is my second...

Please review!! Tell me what you think and give me some advice!

Please check out my other track as well, see if i've improved =] thanks!

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Not bad...

You've made progress since your first track. :) Since you want advice mostly on mixing, I'll tell you about that - though keep in mind your mixing will be in vain if you don't have any original sounds or samples to use. Try looking into Vengeance Essential Clubsounds, those are some really good samplepacks that, though you have to buy them, can really make your tracks a lot stronger overall if you know how to use them. ReFX Nexus2 is a very useful synth to use, but be warned you can sound very generic using it unless you use it right.

As for your mix. First off I hear very little clipping, crackling, or distortion, which is good. Though it seems to be because you've placed the entire thing under a compressor - I can hear your mix duck all at once where it would normally be loudest. I'm not going to elaborate on why it's bad, you've been given a link to my article in that thread of yours. ;)

Your kick has reverb - typically putting reverb on a kick will do you mix no good. You'll get reverb in the bass frequencies, which will muddy up your mix and make it a lot harder to keep clean. As a rule, never place reverb on your kick (I've really only heard one occasion when it was done right, and it was on a short transition anyway). The sample itself sounds like it came straight out of FL - it's all punch and no boom. There's no mid/high mid to it either. Like I said, find better sounds to use. ;)

Various elements of your track are getting pushed to the bottom of the mix, partially by that Master Channel compressor of yours, and partially because of the louder sounds in there. These include some of the hihats, the clap, and in the louder sections of the track, your pad. Be careful - to make sure your sound levels are good, share your track with other people (fellow artists will help you the most) and listen to it yourself with an objective ear. Make it a habit never to take the easy way out - sometimes that extra push of effort will really help your track and your mix.

I think that's about all I've got to say for now - those are the biggest problems you've got for now. Make it a habit to avoid them in the future and you'll have a whole host of new ones to worry about, I'm sure, but you'll have taken a big step if you do. ;) Keep it up!

Miren2k responds:

sweet thanks,

i like this review mainly because you've picked on some small things that i CAN change for my next track, so at least next time I have a track at the best i can make it

i just put my song on my phone to listen to it with ear phones - i learnt a lot just from doing that, i found that my bass was way too high, and yea i think i shouldve made the lead a bit louder or higher on the EQ on the highs

and i don't think i used a channel compressor.. or did i? :S


this song is amazing!!

Miren2k responds:

holy crap thanks man!! =D

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Aug 15, 2008
10:28 PM EDT
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