{-^MP^-} Mellow Sunrise

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Usually when I think of classical, what comes to mind would be piano and violin, rather than flute or clavinet.
But since I love the way the clavi sounds, I decided to do a short piece with it as the main instrument.
The end result kinda reminded me of a sunrise in medieval times, but I'd love to hear what you all think as well.



haha this piece is awesome! I really like how its put together, sounds really authentic classical, especially the beginning. I actually laughed while listening to it; it has that medieval faire kind of feel, but at the same time its really upbeat and happy, to a point where can help laughing at the cheesiness of it. I know way too little about this genre to criticize anything, but the song sounds fantastic, so well done :D

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Musical-Pants responds:

Thanks, I think it sounds medeval as well.
I appreciate the review!



Haven't been by here in awhile, so I thought that I'd stop by and see if you had any new stuff. Feel free to PM when you upload so I can get in on the reviews. I'm tired of wading through the shit on the new submissions list just to get to something worthwhile.

Anyways, this is pretty awesome. I see it's another stretch out into a different genre and in a very unique way. Like the previous person said it does have a baroque feel to it and I love the clav. As others have mentioned, you should add a bit of reverb and think about maybe changing the release time in your sampler; it might give it that feel like it's actually being played and not just a VST (if that's what you used).

I loved the melody you have going on both of the instruments and the bass in the background complements everything well. Although, in the beginning, without the flute I was a bit thrown off by the rhythm of the clav. But when the flute kicked it, holy crap, it just melded so well. Great job on that.

You've got a great music feel and I can really see the progression of you getting your head around FL. It really shows and you're getting a lot better. Oh, I forgot to mention that I liked the Xylophone (Celesta maybe?) that you threw in there. It didn't take over, it just complemented everything even more.

This is just perfect for something along the lines of Edible Castle or something of the like. It just gives you that "royal" feeling and you portrayed that very well. Ah crap, I forgot to mention, you might want to check into some soundfonts or free VSTs or something for another clav, that may solve the problem of them sounding a bit thin. Definitely do a google for soundfonts, it's fun to see how many things you can find (from pianos - really good ones btw - to African drums and whatnot). Anyways, it can never hurt to expand your library.

So you can tell I like right? Meh, I'll check some of your more recent stuff soon, I've got to head out to class. Nice job on this it's on the favs.


PS - Wow that's a long review...

Musical-Pants responds:

Great review, i've actually done a version with reverb,
And the instrument in question is actually a glass bell, close enough to a xylophone.
Thanks for the sweet review, I did work hard on the melodies.


Nicely done

This piece was nice. You create a good "barrock-ish" ambiance. But, the clavinet need more sustain, it doesn't sound "shiny" enough. Try to add some high pitched frequences, reverb, gain and sustain to create a more realitic sound. Otherwise, I liked it : ). I give it a 5. 3.76 / 5.00 (+ 0.42)

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Musical-Pants responds:

Thanks, I totally agree it needs some polishing.
Thanks for the review!


Good composition

The clavi sounds a little too robotic. Try adjusting the dynamics of the hits. Also, a little reverb might help it sound less harsh. The instruments sound very synthesized. If you want some decent free instruments try looking for soundfonts. FL Studio comes with a soundfont player, so all you have to do is load it into a channel. Good job! :]

Musical-Pants responds:

Uh, i'm going to sound like a noob here, but what does "adjusting the dynamics of the hits" mean?
Pm me please!
Thanks for the help.


It's ok.

But I think you need some better VSTs or plugins or something, they sound very 2D and flat.
Shame, cause your melodies are really nice and well constructed!

Musical-Pants responds:

Any suggestions?
I'm working with FL 8, which is great for creating melodies, but i'm comeplety clueless on how to make the the song sound better.
If you can point me in the direction of any tutorials, or have any advice, it would be much appreciated.


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Aug 15, 2008
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