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this is like by far my best song yet. So liek enjoy it =p This is my new style... break beat. I had a sweet ass weekend last week... goin to shambhala. This is wat became of my inspiration. I know it gets real good at the end and it just cuts off... but i couldnt think of wat to add.

If u want me to PM u when I release a new song, then add me to ur favourite artist. Also, if u dont want me to PM u, say so here

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BB g-R

so i liek hurd u made a song.. n stuff n so im gun review it its like k u no nothing 2 bad its gud i liek it teh way it is u kno.. i dont liek all taht music that ppl make nd its like sold out... n stuff.. yeh liek u stay tru 2 who u r nd tahts wat relly matters u no?? so many ppl get famus from sellin out but it doesnt relly mater becus its just not rite and they rnt happy wiff where tehy are, but u, ur all ur own stayle and its liek relly cool teh way u do it and be famos at teh same tiem.

newway like it starts out relly nice wif some synths that sound nice to ur ears n stuff u kno? and tehn it just keep buildin up liek ur liek whens it goin to stop? its just so cool how u liek keep buildin it up and addin moar till u thijk that there wont be but then its like haha u were wrong and theres more to add into ur sick beet.. u add drums 2 ur melodi and tehn u liek.. add some more drums, tehn u distorrt teh synth and change around teh melody b4 finally changing stuf around.. tis rely cool

den around 34 we get an interlude or sumfin and i rely like it it gievs lik a break from teh other stuff and it lasts for a while till like 1 minute and den it goes bak to teh old melody but u change it again so its not liek repetititiveeeve adn stuf. den it just keeps changing and it closes out really nice liek at 1:36 u thijk its going to end liek that but at 1:50 u change it again!! song rely sneak up on u teh way its diff every tiem and i like it the fade out was relly good u had a diff melody popping in there 2 at tiems.. ya i rly like it a lot

nd i just wanna say that uy may exp a lot of predujis from makin music how u liek it nd not ohter pppl.. liek tehy mite zero bomb ur songs but it dsnt mattter bcus u kno taht u r stayin tru 2 who u r and tahts what rely matters in life u kno?? u still have a character and ur a person and not a lifeles corps u kno.. i rly liek it bcuz like in todays wrld u c a lot of ppl not livin teh wei tehy want 2, and its rly sad n stuff nd enyway tahts all i want to sey u kno?? so bye.. i hope u have a lot of funs

<3 i love u g-r4ve, u cured my mothers cancer and got my father off his drunk nd bought him a tortoise from teh mall along whit a plushh dowl, u kno taht was relly nice. oh teh cod4 2, i almost forgot about taht it was rely unexpect of u 2 buy it but i rly liek it bcuz i play it evry day nd pwn nubs at it and iz all thnks to u man, i owe u one relly good, just as anything u need and i will be tehere to hlp u, well not rly cus u in canada and fucking beavers while i in ny doing nothing, but u kno liek stuf over xfire or aim taht i cud help u wif nd maybe some day i will meet u u kno it will be so cool man ily gnight

g-r4ve responds:

wel liek i apreciasuscitated ur revuz n stuffz cus it liek tickzled ma heatrt it wus a lung reviez nd i brb k bak wherd I go? oh ya laterz mom. why dint da mnuffin crossroads the ship cuz it wuz toomcuh watery to get there

Ear Candy!

holy crap man Almost all your songs i swear are Ear Candy man 10/10 5/5 hands down


i dont know whether this is better than metallic nightmare or not. also there is 666 listens!!!

Again, man!

Another change-up, and I'm still likin' it! Whenever I manage to get into Devry and start programmin' games, I'm lookin' you up for my BGM man. Saved and iPoded. Nice work as always, keep it up, and keep me in the loop for new stuff. I don't have a playlist without your work on it. ^.^


you never fail to impress me. song was great the only thing i found was some of the sounds were very flat and little depth. but other than that incredible song and the ending fit quite well actually ;)

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Aug 13, 2008
8:12 PM EDT
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