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Special thanks to MaestroRage for letting me use his library! <3

Yup! You heard it, I'm back! To celebrate being back, I have a brand new poison for you to sink your teeth into. After being in Europe, I carried with me a brand new source of inspiration. This one particularly holds an amazing memory.
In Heidelburg, Germany, a few friends and I were looking for a castle on the mountain. We wound up going too far on the train and got lost in the summit. There was nothing around us except for the forest in the mountains, and miles upon miles of fog. We found a path in the forest eventually, and then took off running down the mountain! It was so amazing, really... It felt as if I could fly, or if I really -were- flying... So I bring this memory to you in song, hoping you too will be able to experience what it's like to fly through the fog. Will you take this journey with me?


this was notbad

this one was notbad, not on my faves as your vocals but it still was good it was not as sharp sounding either but none the less i enjoyed it

Keep up the good tracks


Great fitting and blend

Violin solo at 1:05 rocks.
Then the pads at 0:53 melting in to the melody (re-entering at 1:15)
Taiko drums at 1:35 pumping
1:48 re-enter chorus and upright song with cymbal and tambourine.
Shocking, vein drilling ending :D
- -

hell,i do stories for maestro, ill do some for you

this song was excellent,i loved it so much,the feelings it gave me,i can see how it would make people think of a forest and mountains both at once. but,enough of my chatter,story time.
well,not much of a story,just a description of what i saw in my mind.. >.<
start-0:18) a young woman of about 17 is walking through a fog filled woods,having no idea where she is going when she meets up with a young man of 18,his jet black hair in his eyes,it seemed like he was running,he asks her if she need help,she nods,and the magic begins.
0:19-0:26) the young man grins and falls to his knees,turning into a gigantic wolf! stansing at least 7'4" on all fours he approached the girl,a soft voice seeming to come from all around him,"dont worry child,i will not harm you,climb onto my back,i will guide you through this wood",the girl nods and climbs on top of the creature.
0:27-0:43) the wolf makes a large barking sound then takes off running,the girl clutches onto the wolf's fur,laughing, the young mans voice echoing with laughter all around her,the trees seeming to go by at blinding speed,but they seem to be gaining alltitude as well as they hit a slope,going up and up,the girl had feelings of flying
0:44-0:51) the wolf begins to slow down as they make thier ascent,the girl looks around and sees the wood is behind them,they are now climbing up a large mountain,she is able to let go with one hand and reaches to lightly rub her hand against the giant wolf's head,a large,throaty sound that sounds like a deeper,more wild version of a cat's purr coming from him.
0:52-1:15) the wolf stops and they are on a large cliff,next to a humongous cave,the girl climbs off and looks at the wolf,she asked puzzled "why did you help me? and why did you bring me here?" the young mans voice echoed "because i found something in you while we were running,you have the spirit for the run,you have everything i had...so that only means one thing...you and i are the same..." the girl stepped back,shocked "you mean...im...like you?" the wolf nodded and placed his nose against her forehead "yes,you are..."
1:16-1:46) the point where the wolf's nose touched her skin started to glow,as she dropped to her knees,a small prickling sensation came over her as fur started to poke through her skin,soon there were snaps coming as her body changed,soon she was a large wolf like the young man,though she was still smaller,only standing 5'7" on all fours,her fox-red fur gleaming in the dieing light of the day "this...this is amazing!" she cried as she barkd with joy. the young man laughed "yes,it is the most amazing feeling in the world...now,lets show you another wonderous feeling...the feeling of the run."
1:47-end) the girl giggles and they take off running down the mountain,both at blinding speed,though the girl is slightly faster,they keep running,soon they are in the woods again,but keep running,the feeling of the run is almost euphoric! the wind rushing past,the ground against her new feet,the wonderous sounds and smells everything was just so amazing! they reach the edge of the woods and quickly turn back to thier normal selves,they are back in town,the girl giggles and gives the young man a tight hug "thank you so much!" the young man smiled "you are welcome,we will be seeing alot more of eachothe,is it alright if i walk with you?" the girl nodded and they walked into town,hand in hand.
there is is, my latest and in my opinion greatest story yet!
you give me so much inspiration with your music, Lady Arsenic!
Keep up the excellent work!
with love and stories,

Epicly awesome.

This reminds me of "Lord of the Rings". :D :D

I like your use of the violin, tambourine, tremolo strings and triangle!


it was great, as always, the only thing that could possibly have made this better would be some singing from you.

keep up the good work!

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