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BeeT - Hold On!

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Author Comments

A melodic trance track with an addition of classical instruments.
This took me quite some time to finish...
The EQing on the drums/snares/fill and the bass took me ages to get the feeling I needed, but it's finally there =)

BPM: 145

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Blizzard Tears



Ill give it a 9 :)

would be 10, but like Karco said, that scratch was kidna unneccesary :P

5/5 tho

Nice and relaxing

Ok,this is relaxing and all,and it reminds me of a boy chasing after a girl who's at the airport,about to leave,and the boy's running to the airport and stuff...and yeah......but hey,that's what i think,i don't know what you think of while listening to this song...but overall,very good : )

I just don't know

At the button of all this, the song it's really great, but i'm a little bit harsh when it comes around music, and i'm not really cool with the fact that i've to wait until 2:58 and so on to start liking the song, thought it's good...

Keep it up


Aight so lets get down to business.

Start off with a happy sound and move on from there to build off it. As far as EQing and the sound of the synthe I'm sure Karco went over that. I'm not a very technical guy but I review by what I hear next in my head. If you do what I hear then your in heading the right direction.

At about 56 seconds you let me down man. :( I was honesty hoping for high energy peak for the first half of the song. You had the build but not the release I was looking for.

Well we continue on from there and don't have too much variation till about half way mark of the song. Your drums don't seem to change much. As it is common in Trance to have pretty basic patterns I'm sure you could of livened them up and made them a bit more complex. It might help to add more body to the song.

It's missing a few elements to be outstanding. A few pads to add to the frequency range could of helped. A song you can feel through out you is a great way to know if your making a good song.

The overall structure could use some work to make builds and peaks apparent. You used transition VeC samples that usually go to a higher energy but you used them to transition to lower energy at parts. While its a good idea its miss leading in some cases.

Overall your getting better but still need to work on the sound and structure.

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Well, first thing, I hear several raw Vengeance sounds. Stay away from those, you'll get a generic sound (because they've been used so many times) to your tracks and then nobody will really have a reason to listen to them over a different, more original track, or a similarly generic track that's just produced better. I'm recognizing the hit, the fill, the FX... all raw. The kick sounds like it came out of Vengeance as well, most obviously in the intro, while it's highpassed.

Synths and composition are lacking. Your lead is a supersaw, which is unoriginal as is. I can't tell if your bass on the offbeat is the same supersaw playing down a few octaves or a different synth, which is in itself a bad thing... try not to use more than one supersaw to a track for the sake of originality. As for the offbeat bass, it seems like the "easy way out" especially when you could be making a really creative synth playing a creative rhythm - great basses make tracks very memorable you know. ;D Your progression is boring and cliched as well - it's been done before in plenty of songs. Come up with something creative, that's ho songs get recognized. ;D No comment on the synth in the intro, I'm neutral about it, nothing special. Piano is nice, I don't recognize it, which rarely happens - it's usually either a Nexus piano, FL Keys, or a common soundfont these days. :( Though be careful how you use it - it sounds blatantly sequenced. Play with velocities and tweak rhythms by tiny amounts to "humanize" your notes.

Drums. Well, the kick doesn't boom at all, it's all punch, mostly because your bass synth is taking up all the bass room. I already said it's recognizable as a Vengeance sample. The snare is a bit too loud and trebley for me, and could use some minor EQing, though personally, I would have chosen a different sample altogether. I don't hear anything filling up the hihat role, there's a nearly inaudible closed hihat on the offbeat but that's it. What you should be going for is a nice, thick hihat line, even if it means using a loop or two - just make sure they're not blatantly obvious. ;)

The scratch FX at 2:55 or so sounded really unnecessary. It seems you added the clarinet in there for melodic and emotional effect, but the scratch ruins it for me.

I think that's about all I've got to say for this review. What I would recommend you do is make a song keeping all the criticisms here in mind. Once you're satisfied with it, give it a look with song structure in mind - how are your breaks? Buildups? Peaks? Intro and ending? Transitions between them all? Etc.

Hope this helps. :D

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BlizzardTears responds:

Thanks. :)

Helpful as it is. I'll keep it in mind, and will use this to tweak my further songs. :P
I'll notify you when i submit a new song.

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Credits & Info

4.36 / 5.00

Aug 11, 2008
4:37 AM EDT
File Info
4.2 MB
4 min 34 sec

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