The Sound of No One Listening

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Derived from a moderate loneliness, this song was written to depict melancholia and its (mostly) malignant effects upon the brain.

Enjoy =p

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It sounds like....

A war just ended... everyone looks to the sky only to see thier reflection... how happy they are...to see peace and joy and laughter and how sad they were to see hate war and corruption but now they Rest In Peace.

And that

was the sound of my head exploding

Here is something to think about

I agree with Chickin.Made me tear up cause I could actually see it going on in my head. This is exactly what I saw in my head.

A soldier pinned down around his truck, after an EFP or IED went off, by heavy small arms fire and the occasional RPG whizzing by. He goes to yell for heavy arms to return fire but only to realize that the truck he tried to communicate to has been blown up and is currently on fire. He looks in the other direction to signal for the other truck to pinpoint heavy fire, but too gets hit. Not by an explosive, but rather by small arms fire. It takes out all of that truck. He himself has returns fire periodically, but gets hit in his arm. He keeps fighting, knowing that he might not live after this day. After running out of bullets, he sits there in all hopelessness. Only to see off in the distance several large tanks. A tear just then rolls down his face.

Lifted yourself out of it?

Maybe it's just me, but it's only really the start that sounds especially lonely. Once the guitars come in I find it more peaceful than anything.

If this was used anywhere I'd imagine it to be in a film - background for one of those scenes where they're showing you day to day life in a city. In that respect, even the start reinterprets itself. Sunrise. :D

It's tight enough to have that personal edge, but not so closed in that it feels withdrawn.

Gooder than good!

The biggining and most of the song kinda sounds sad, but the end sounds like a happy ending... I love how it starts, it sounds kinda suspending then breaks into a long beet for more suspece! then one by one the instraments join in! excelent work my friend! Man I could todaly use this in a movie!, if I had the studio of corce...
Well if I did this is how it would go!...

Opening sean a man (Captain of squad or something) has an explosive blow up next to him He knows his force is out gunned and out numberd and is yelling for a
retreat!, but nobody can hear him yelling, probly more explosions and soldgers geting cut down by matchinegunfire... Eventuly they push into a foxhole and are pinned down fireing at whatever they can to keep themselfs alive.... then when it
just seems darkest the calvary rolls in with tons of helos and tanks and overwelm
the enemy! the men cheer!...and continue onto war!.... Sorry for the extra long review (Im a story teller)

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Aug 10, 2008
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