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Staff Roll from Mario 64 Remix

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Originally written by Koji Kondo, this is the same music that plays during the staff roll of "Super Mario 64." This game is one of my favorites, not just because of the game play, but the soundtrack. Of course, it was all obviously synth, but a few of the pieces of music on it really stood out to me when I played the game. My first remix of one of those songs was "Dire Dire Docks", and it turned out pretty well. It was so much fun to do that I did a second one! I really love the way the drum set part turned out. Very jazzy. This song, for those of you who know a thing or two about music, does have a heavy swing to it, which always makes a drum part fun to spice up. I tried to use a few of the same drum fills as in the original song, which can be found on the internet, if you care to compare. (That rhymed!) At the same time, I added some more interesting stuff as well. For example, the triplets on the ride cymbal and floor tom. The bridge (or so I call it. It's the part with piano and strings) has a really cool percussion part too with a neat shaker, tambourine, and drum set part.
My favorite part is, however, the chorus. The sting part there (which is just a descending chord progression) was written so well. it's simple, but it just works so beautifully that I was extra careful to make sure that it kept the same feeling that was induced in the original work.
Note: please notice the ritard (where music slows down) at the end...it was very hard to do as Garageband only works with a set tempo.


I love this music. It sets happiness inside me. I mean, look at all the 5 stars. I remember playing Super Mario 64 with my little friend...I helped him beat final bowser...he was not satisfied somehow, but when he heard that music, of course he was. This music gives me more nostalgia than ever. It took me TWO YEARS to defeat SM64 DS. I was surprised to listening to this music again. I am sticked to this music, now. And sorry for long comment O.o


Whenever I beat the game I would cry hearing this music. Thank you.

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The memories of this game

Even though its been a few years since I've played Super Mario 64. Every time I hear this song it just brings back memories of when I use to play this game all the time. This remix must have been hard to make, but you did an amazing job with it! Keep it up with any future remixes you may have in mind.

this song is very good and hard to re-create

i wanted to give you a four but that would lower the score so ill just give you a 5,

ironicaly the first time i heard this was on the mario 64 ds, cuz i lacked the curiosity to look up and find the winged cap in the origional lol

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micklure responds:

Well thanks for the five! it was hard to figure out the chords as the bass line of the original is very misleading, lol.Thanks so much for your comment!

Very nice.

Very nice song. Sounds very nice and relaxing. Although there are some places where the melody goes too loud and watch out for some clipping issues, this song is still very good. Great job!

micklure responds:

woops! lol...I realize that now! Thanks. I'll go back in and turn down the volume on it later. Thanks for the comment!

EDIT: I went back and fixed it, then re-uploaded it. It should be all good now!

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Aug 9, 2008
6:42 PM EDT
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