(NUB)My Gift To YOU

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OK so .. since today is my birthday ! I'm going to give YOU all a gift. This track has NEVER seen the light of day, because this was the first song I ever made, Literally. I spent SO long on it at the time trying to learn how to make the sounds that I wanted. I look back at this track and realize how far I've come and It makes me so happy. When I first finished this song I was so proud of myself haha. It took me at least a week, when now I could throw this track together in about 10 minutes. It's not mastered it's not mixed correctly and it's horrible. BUT I just wanted to show you all that I sucked pretty damn hard when I first started.

SO get your 0's ready and turn your sound up. this is "Correlation" lol.

First track .. EVER.


Thank you very much

Guess whose computer is back on the net, folks!

Ah, bells, wind, ambiance with drums. Personally, this is your best genre as it fits so well with my mood. So calm yet carefree in bells and wind, the only concerns that come up are cleared with the action of drum, followed by the darker wins of the danger that comes in all life. Finally, the sky opens and the galaxy is seen in all of glory, bringing in your next genre of chiptunes and synths from the 8-bit styling you do.

Honestly, Nubbin, this is a culmination of your style, all of them, in one song, and it has come out beautifully. Now, for my gift for you.

There was once a man, one whose hand was no good with a pencil or brush, who could not create with words nor strokes of paint and oil. No, his hand never allowed his creativity to come so cleanly to the forms he had hoped them to be for, and was lost until his ears began to befriend him with sounds. These sounds began a melody he had never heard before, and his creativity put together the rest. He sought out the instruments and learned them thoroughly, as this was his last chance, his last hope to have his creativity seen by all.

What came from the man could not be seen, however, but heard. The day came for the man to show his work, him before his instruments, taking a deep breath. What followed, at first, puzzled the crowds of people, but soon, some felt the need to dance, others, to calmly listen and be at peace. Athletes gained strength to move on in their contests from the sounds, while Thinkers found logic and science. The meek found their courage to speak up, while the loud found reason to calm their voice. But the ones most effected were the creative, as they saw images and words before them, the melody playing scenes of romance and love, action and thrills, and ambient displays full of stars and light.

To this day, that man who played those sounds became known as a musician, and the musician is most remembered for bringing his creativity in a form not found in paper or stone, but in the air that carries the sweet music to our ears to give us what we all truly need.

Peace of mind.

Happy Birthday, Nubbin.

nubbinownz responds:

Thank you zach I'm glad you're back man, I've missed you friend :)


Are you sure that this is your first song? lol You are very talented if this is the case. Your composition seemed to have interesting layers. The beginning of the song kinda transported me into an underwater civilization (much like Atlantis). With the addition of the drums and bass, you took me on a journey to a Neo - Industrial setting. After hearing that man's voice, I was suddenly transported into Space and the Wonders of the Cosmic Universe. At the end the tone of the music seemed to calm down a bit with the sound of bells, in which you transported me into memories of my childhood. You are a GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nubbinownz responds:

Very wonderful imagery. I'm glad that you enjoy it. Even though i don't personally care for this song as much as I could. It still means alot, that people enjoy it.


another good song...wow im loven this alot nubb

hey check ur prvt msgs i got info

nubbinownz responds:

Thanks man!

First song or not

you got talent brotha :P

and I see what you mean about not being as good as your other songs but its still a million times better than anything I could do,

keep them comming!

nubbinownz responds:

hehe i dunno man, I'm sure if you put your mind to it, you could put out some pretty wicked stuff.

Not the traditional birthday song

Well, for a first song, that's pretty good(considering I haven't submitted anything). The ambience and the sort-of techno style mix together perfectly, which isn't seen very often when checking the techno category.

4/5, the first half could help me fall asleep when in bed.
.:The NeonTide vizz makes this more sleepier:.

nubbinownz responds:

Thanks man. And i'm watching the vizz right now while listening to it again, haha you're right!

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