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Random Acts Assassins

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This song is called Random Acts Assassins (Burly and DeX) the beat was produced by Young Reven.

What's good NG, this is the first submission by me(DeX) on this site...Me and my boy Burly make real hip-hop, none of that mainstream bullshit. ;) Anyways this is for the talented artists on here. Alright guys, enjoy the song and we're open for any critics.
If anyone wants to collab or something, fuck it, just PM me if you wanna collab.



Listen to capture these words
we massacre each verse
in this instant you earn respect
and recollect these lyrics to dissect
but it only manifests an infection
which infests your mind without detection

Burly's Verse

Welcome to my faction
random acts assassin
Let me put some facts in
To justify my actions
I'm rapping with this track sick
To cover your backs with
More than a tag bitch
It's why they attack it
They had to go back stabbing battling
we threw our rap javelins at em
back at it like a bad habit
4 years running and not stopping
not fronting only rocking and a bumping
Come a knocking if you want it
love it when you talk shit
Discovered your not shit
When online is not an option
Your blowing hot oxygen
In my face I don't like the taste
what am I trying to say
Trying to say to keep pace
With every step that we take
This bullet engraved with my name
I'll be the last thing that travels through your brain
Throwing liquid on venomous flames
With my appendages aim
The same one I grab when I'm hitting the base
Giving one hundred percent for my Brethren
Caring to give lyrical medicine Leverage
miracles not comparative to our heritage

Chorus x2

Fear is what you see
burning ashes to the flames
adversaries flee after we mention the name
your life is the fee
inferior attempts to reclaim
souls beg and plead, defeated
buried in vain

DeX's Verse

We're makin' a comeback
only spittin' the facts
releasin' this track
like a shot from a flak
heed my words
representin' the random acts of violence
without silence, we don't need any guidance
license to kill,
there's no reason for skill to be instilled
still the last moments of me
is the bright lights
glarin' down my red dot sight fastened on my MP5
starin' at lies
reflectin' in your eyes
devisin' a plan
which leads to your demise
revise these lyrics
to see how we surprise
don't deny your actions, you've been compromised
our minds
comprise of the brotherhood statement
you're hatin' on us
but you may be too complacent
vagrant death surroundin' your latent ability
only your flagrant mistakes affects your stability
discombobulatin' your cerebral chemistry
our mystery demonstrates no mercy with misery
ignorant to our history we suffered
makin' noise louder than thunder
I didn't studder, straight from the gutter
don't udder vulgar words thinkin' you're tougher
cause we're brothers identified as hunters

Chorus x2

Fear is what you see
burning ashes to the flames
adversaries flee after we mention the name
your life is the fee
inferior attempts to reclaim
souls beg and plead, defeated
buried in vain

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Like it..

Don't care that its one of your older tracks I like it ;)


First i have to say that you should listen to the flow more closely, its very choppy and sounds very amature. The lyrics were easier to follow as i read with the song, but when i listened to the song without following along, it was like what the fuck they even rappin about. Im not hatin im just givin advice. step it up!!

HeLLsGaUrDiAn responds:

I honestly haven't listened to this song in quite a while considering it's one of our first songs. I agree though, our flows were very choppy and we were amateurs back then but we've improved a hell of a lot more since then so I don't believe this song should apply to us currently. I'm not sure if I agree with a 5 considering the lyrics make plenty of sense and I can't imagine it was difficult to understand but we can't please everyone. Either way, thanks for the review and input, stay up.


The intro to this song is very good. I read through the lyrics as well as listened to this song without them. Therefore I listened three times before I reviewed this song.

The intro, I feel could have hit harder. I love the lyrics, this song's content is fucking beasty as hell. The vocabulary is off the charts (compared to the rest of rap). Either way, I noticed a few things that caught my attention. I loved how the last bar of each verse and chorus is cut off. The echo really adds this.. "personality" to the song itself. It's uniqueness that I've learned to appreciate from the less mainstream rap.

I feel as if this whole song had almost too much delivery. Throughout the song, instead of high adrenaline vocals, I got more of a fake angry appearance. This was mainly from Burly. You had that 'over-aggressive' feeling too, but it wasn't too obvious.

The EQ'ing on this song needs some work, that's what made you guys seem off the mark as far as movement/pace. It's much harder to hear a song as serious when you have someone rapping and it's not fluid with the song itself. I know this just because I'm a 'punk ass whiteboy' who tries to act all tough on tracks. Lol.

The content of this track was phenomenal. The wordplay followed up by the vocabulary truly shined in this track. That's why I gave you an eight. Because no matter how the track itself plays, the meaning of it is very serious. The lyrics have no problem being catchy, unique and a good mixture of punch and multi.

If anything, the only true lacking in this song is delivery. The lyrics seem to fight the song. When you listen, you can hear the forced rhymes and studdered flow. When you listen to rap, you always want a rhymescheme that isn't hard to manage to choke out during the song. When you connect to the listener, he needs to be able to repeat the words easily. If it's hard to spit the rhymes initially, just reword it to fit in the line. I've always done that, and that's why you respect me as a 'punchline rapper' =]]

See, I'm not used to the multi's in songs. The way you made 2 short lines in one bar, or a few syllable phrases. You know I'm not like that. I give you guys mad props for being able to do such thing. Because as you know, I'm way too obvious and elementary to be at that level. So even though I criticize this song, you taught me something at the same time. :D

DeX, the reason I respect you as a rapper more than anything else... is because you can connect without stating shit multiple times. I have to say shit so clearly and obvious that it's annoying. Even now, I feel stupid as fuck... because I have rap friends telling me to 'smarten' up. Some people tell me to 'dumb it down' for the general fan base. I'm known for finding a healthy balance of both, just so I don't get too far above anyone's head. See, that's the strategy that requires the talent you have that I lack. Your multi's tell stories and shit with a few lines. I need a whole verse to get a point across. (Refer to my track: I Love You.) You truly have what it takes. The only thing I'm doing is giving you the criticism the world would give when you came out the gates with your album.

I've already gotten half of this shit from the cats who stepped all over me when I wasn't good. Now that I have respect, no one even wants to step to me. So I'm definitely trying my best to help you in any way I possibly can.

Look DeX, I don't know it all.. I'm just giving you my advice. If you don't agree with anything I say, don't hesitate to ignore it. I'm only telling you that I THINK will help. Lol.

DeX, we need to collab. Get at me man.
If you want to. And thanks for all the advice you've given me.
Putting all the music aside, you're a great ass friend too.
I had to thank you either now or later... so it better off be now.

5'd 4.34 / 5.00 (+ 0.00032) Damn, you have like 1000 votes.


HeLLsGaUrDiAn responds:

I appreciate all the criticism I can get my dude. I always take what people take into consideration but at the same time I stay true to my own style. Live and learn is my motto and I'll always follow that. I respect all the words you've just stated in this review and you know that I'll have all the respect in the world for you as an artist and as a person. You're definitely right in the delivery critique cause this was our first submission to this site and it was also our breakout song. What I mean is that this song is what gave birth to out style and personality as underground hip-hop artists.

This song was also the first time I got to try out my new mic so that was also a work in progress looking for the right volume levels so that's why the EQ'ing in this track was "iffy." But aside from all of that, I appreciate this review and the time you spent writing it, I wish I had more to say but thank you, for real. I think both Burly and I have progressed a lot since this track and I hope that we'll continue to improve in order to deliver Real Hip-Hop to everyone.

We WILL do a collab soon enough, don't worry about that. I really do want to work on a track with you but right now, we've taken too many projects and we have to start finishing them up and we only keep adding to that list. But as soon as I can find time between a track, I'll hit you up and we'll drop something to blow everyone away with, stay up and take care of yourself. Don't hesitate to hit me up about anything too.

aye tho

Dex killin verse 2, the whole songgood, but dex come hardest i'm lookin at more imediatley

HeLLsGaUrDiAn responds:

Thanks a lot for the props my dude. I'm not sure if I reviewed your tracks yet but I'm sure I've heard your BN disses and you straight murdered him. You have a lot of talent so when you're not doing any diss tracks I think you should put some time in and make a real hip-hop track. Either way, thanks for the review and stay up.


Tight lyrics and beat, Hope to see more tight trax from yall.

HeLLsGaUrDiAn responds:

You'll see plenty more. Thanks for the review and compliments, stay up.

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