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This is my latest track. It's probably better than my previous one due to the fact that this one is not hasted and has more effort in it.

Just listen already and give me some advice (if neccesary) about what to adjust or add or whatever :)



The melodies and the beats you used here are very nice. The problem is, that the song is quite long, but there's not that much happening here.

The result is, that the song keeps itself in the background too much for my taste.
A few more parts/melodies would be pretty nice to have here.

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Hm, I didn't care for it too much.

I really didn't get into it that much, but I do see that it is an experiment audio submission by the title of the audio so I guess I can't really say anything too much about it. It was kind of quiet, but that could very much just of been my speakers, so I won't take anything away from that either. In my opinion it was just kind of boring and it felt like it just dragged on and on, which is probably because it was pretty repetitive. A couple of things that could of been touched up here and there and it should turn out into a good audio submission. Good luck with it.


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Not bad for an experiement

I think this tune has what it takes - nice variation, beat, rhythm and a good sense of what comprises a good trance anthem.

If I could have said anything, there needs to be more variation in the part between 2 and 3 minutes, as it seems to get a little monotonous then, but that is due to such a fine tweak that it's almost imperceptible.

The track skips a half note in the middle as well, which I would certainly attend to as well...

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I like the result

Well this is a exciting track with the trance sound.

The start is good the sounds picks up its, fast and thrilling to hear. The sound is good we hear alot ,of more vibe to it. The mixes is cool i like the beat its cool. The track has a fast beat ,the sound is loud and good. I liked the theme of this it had a cool background beat. The finale is great odd way to end sounds more like the intro but its ends well. The middle is diffrent and i like that.

The tune does suffer from repetion as the track, got a beat which does repeat alot of the time. Its a little long as the tune does run out of steam.

Ovreal a good track.

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Very nice job here. Overall, the song is very well made, its interesting to listen to, there's variety from part to part, and the instruments you picked (both synths and percussion) sound fantastic. My only criticism is that it feels a bit repetitive, as the parts often just consist of drums and bass. I think you could help to make the song more interesting as a whole by adding more ambience, for example that pad that swells during the intro would add some cool background noise to the song and give it some more feeling. I would also consider just adding more to each part, as I think almost every part in the song could use more instruments in general just to spice things up. There isn't one thing in particular that should be added, but you should play around with effects and synths until you find something that you think would work well in the background. Often what I find is that when I'm attempting to create something to go in the background it becomes something that I use as a main part of the song, so experimentation in adding more parts often pays off. I would also suggest variety in the drum parts themselves, even it that just means adding an extra kick somewhere, as just a little bit of variety with percussion in a bland area can really change the feel of a song. You had some of this going on, but generally only during transitions, and changing up the drum beats during the longer drum/bass sections (like the beginning) would really help to spice it up. Like I said, its a very well made song, but I think there are a lot of ways to build to the song.
Nice job, 5/5 from me

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Uluse responds:

yeah i guess i could have put some more effects in. But about the pad in the intro...it's already in, hehe, but it's barely hearable even though it has the same volume level :S

Thanks for the tips and review!

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