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I'm fitting this under the techno genre because I'm really not to familiar with the dance genres. Please vote and review. Guess that's all for now. Hope you enjoy!
Peace -
Dustin - Mushu Productions

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I have to agree with RealityVictim to some degree. The composition is pretty sweet, but all of the instruments are FL Studio defaults. There's not even an attempt to disguise them. If I had to tell you one hint to help you with this song, it would be this: ditch FL Slayer as soon as possible. I understand the appeal, but it's just a terrible instrument. The next most important thing is to vary your percussion a lot. You seem to have the same pattern all throughout. They're also the drums from the Trance Template in FL8. The final thing is that you should really fiddle around with the channels some more. The defaults aren't really meant to be used as they are. You're supposed to take the presets and customize them. Overall, I liked this, but certainly not because of your finesse with FL Studio.

REAL Review

I don't mean to come off as a douchebag, but you've got a long way to go before you can call this song awesome in the least bit. The beat is kinda catchy but the quality is important....I haven't seen that shine here.

Everything in this song sounds like a cheap instrument. If you were to make a remix, there would be alot to do. I really don't know what to say to help except redo everything, sorry. With time and effort you'll eventually find better instruments to use if you love to make music to an extent.


without a doubt....

your best...but then again the other were old and such weren't they?

good progression with the kicks and the syth, the sound are good the people like them is a little obvious by now, the rhythm is catchy and enjoyable, but the paced kicks and kinda strict rhythmic change it kinda goes a little away from the average techno song....

Mushu-Productions responds:

Yes the other songs were older. This was my most recent song. Thanks for the good review!


this is the bes techno song i ever herd it is so fantasic nice job :D

Mushu-Productions responds:

Thank You! That means alot.

It was alright.

It was great for using all presets/defaults. This song shows the wonders you can work with them. Congrats, and check out my stuff too XD