Eternal Rest (old)

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I thought I already uploaded most of my good older works, but apparently I missed this one. Although it's short and simple, it's still very serene.

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Very Nice!

I give it a 9 for length. Ha ha! But seriously, I think our world today needs more music like this. With all the metal, and rap, god I can't stand it some days. More classical music like this can cheer me up, or help me cry when I need to. But it most cases it just leaves me mellow and lost in my own thought. With metal and rap kids and adults alike are exposed to exactly how stupid and how lost we truely are from what the real art that is music is.

Remember you can not spell 'Crap' without 'Rap'!
Hey if you ever decide to put a character on Moon Gaurd or Sen'jin let me know!

Setu-Firestorm responds:

Will do. So far my toons are centrally on Dragonblight (A PvE realm - I can't stand PvP). Got an 80 BE Priest (healer) and working on a BE tank DK. Woah, wait. I'm getting off-topic. =p

Actually, I like a little metal myself (within reason; I tend to lean more toward screamo in that while it has the metal flavor, it uses, um, real chords and not ones that the guitarists are making up on the spot =p) But yes, my heart is more in orchestral music, as it really is the only genre of music I can truly express myself in.

Thank you for the input. I'm glad you like it.


this one is perfect !


the only thing I didnt like is that this one is to short:P

4 years ago? why you didnt submit that earlier
I bet you got more old songs that you dont submit got there
just submit them all:P I like them :P
your classical songs are better than your rock songs:P you have to dot it more:P

see ya
greets paul

Setu-Firestorm responds:

Honestly, there is quite a bit more of my older works I haven't submitted here. Most of the reason why is because I feel the quality isn't enough to post it, others because they're too short, and some because the quality just plain blew.

Also, I looked through my older works to post some and saw this piece and wondered myself why I hadn't posted it yet.

But seriously, I don't find it a good idea to post pieces that will surely be put down. Hopefully you can just take my word when I say "Everybody starts somewhere". =p

Thanks for the review.

Beautiful, as always

Harmony and melody all fit together, the serene feel sends chills down one's spine. I must say, you've done another splendid job, Setu. This submission is old? That shows just how talented you are.

It gets a five from me!


Setu-Firestorm responds:

Thanks. I'm glad you like it.

Yeah, I did this piece a good 4 years ago or so.


A wonderful piece! It conveys deep emotion and really hits me with them. It makes me smile at just the feeling this song gives me. It is simple yet amazing. Great job!


Great job as always bro. The mixture of each instrument and the way they compliment eachother is perfect. Perfect harmony. The melodies progress smoothly and powerfully. Regardless of what anyone can say of your music, it is brilliantly composed and perfectly cohesive.

Setu-Firestorm responds:

Thanks. Don't worry. Only people who've known me for years and, I guess, hate me for some reason are the only ones that roast my work - and even then, I could care less what they have to say if it's not constructive.

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Aug 3, 2008
1:04 PM EDT
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