Cloud Forest

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Not much to say about this. I guess it would be good for an otherwise silent flash. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I enjoy making it :)

Sytrus is awesome for ambient! I recommend listening to this with full bass.

EDIT: Dunno why everything besides the drums gets quiet at around 0:30. I might fix that someday, lol

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soothing :D

this song i found to be very soothing :D if your ever interested in collabing hit me up on msn! (pm for addy)


Okay, enough with that. *mutters curse words under her breath* I'm going to try to repeat everything I said, but it won't sound as good as before >.<
I'd been saying that is piece is just awesome!

This truly is ambience with spirit.
What I especially love about this piece is its floaty feel. I like how the melody comes fading in, bring in a feeling of greatness. This is where, after a lifelong search, the very greatness is found. The characters are amazed, at the top of a mountain, gazing in awe.
It brought this epic, rising feeling of power. It was truly uplifting!
To me, only after listening a second time, I noticed that the drums came in a little early for a full effect. That may be what you were talking about, how everything hushed a little when they came in. But like I said, it was only after listening a second time that I noticed.

In absolute honesty, this really blew me over. This=underrated. Now it's in the 4s where it belongs >:D
-Vesta J

x-Exodus-X responds:

Ahhh, I hate that than happens!!! >:[

You're review still sounds pretty damn awesome to me :P

I'm really glad you felt something from this piece! I was going for that kind of mood.
I'm in Seattle right now, so I'm really experiecing a lot that you're describing haha.

The drums were weird. I dunno. I think I'm gonna have them fade in, but I have to try it out first to be sure. I will probably end up editing this to make it a little better.

Thanks a lot! Great review!

Talk to you later, Vesta :)

awesome. i remember you showing this to me

yeah i put the bass all the way up but i still didn't really notice it as much as i was hoping to. i think thats the one thing this is missing, perhaps with the exception of a little melody different from the main one for variety, is the mellow bass. i could hear a hint of a moogy thing in the bg but i think it would do a little more good if it was louder.
the slow addition of pads and intensity of percussion made it very smooth and mellow while still having some punch to it. nice job.
5/5. nine outta ten only because i think another little melody for several measures could have helped.


x-Exodus-X responds:

Yeah, I did show you this (over the phone, I think)

As for the bass, sorry to disappoint you. I had a lot going on in the sub section, mostly on the pads, but I can understand that your speakers are inferior (ha, jk) You're gonna have to show me the moog thing though (I'm on my mom's laptop, so the speakers suck and I don't have the flp to look at lol)

A different melody would have helped I guess. I was kinda going for the flash background music type thing (that's why it's short), but more diversity is never a bad thing!

Thanks for the criticism! see you soon.

Very chill

The pads come together real nice in this. It's very smooth and chill. Around 1:25 the lead pad kinda eats things a bit, it's not too bad.. just a little hot in the mix there. This is good work though, I like it!

5/5, 9/10 -Echoz

x-Exodus-X responds:

Thanks for the review man! I know what you mean about the pad, I will definitely fix the volume levels someday.

totally worth listening to

but it would of been nice if it changed up a little somewhere in towards the end.
But still I actually like the sounds you used. and it sounds like you made a good effort.
Wanna Join efforts?
Could I remix this?

x-Exodus-X responds:

Haha, yeah definitely (to everything you said :P)

Just gimme a PM or something. I will check out your stuff as soon as I get home (on vacation now)

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Aug 1, 2008
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