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MAC8 - When the Fighting Stops

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Author Comments

EDIT: Thanks to everyone on NG for listening, but I'm now trying to make some money off of my music.
The remastered version of this song is at: http://www.sycrossmusic.c om .


"When the Fighting Stops... Nothing is left."

This is my entry into the July MAC8 contest: Sorrowed Tears. I tried to make it as sad as I could, but I think it ended up being a little more intense than sad. In fact, it ended up being really, really intense. Lol, I don't even know how I got it to be so intense. Anyway, I spent a lot of time on this, and I hope you guys enjoy it!

You will probably have to turn up the volume a little. The song is a bit quieter than most on Newgrounds.

Enjoy! Please rate and review.

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Really nicely done!

I would have to say indeed that this isn't as sad as I think you may have been aiming for. However it is a good background theme song to say... a devastated battle ground littered with the fallen and a lone warrior standing among them. I guess it isn't so much sad, but it has a melancholic sound to it. A kind of feeling of regret of what had just perspired.
I think it's really well orchestrated. Keep up the good work.

-HFX ^_^

Sycross responds:

Thanks, glad to see you're reviewing a lot of my songs! I'll try and return the favor when I have time... :P.

An Incredible Piece of Work

Melancholy anger is what I would say is the main theme in the song, which while it is not a common combination was brillianly executed and well expressed throughout the song. I enjoyed this and could definately invision it as a score for a movie. One where both sides face almost iminate failure and are willing to fight to the death until "Nothing is Left".
I feel as though the sorrowful part in the middle of the piece could have gone on a little longer, to further exaggerate the fact that while this piece is incredibly intense it is also expressing a feeling of sorrow. Then again maybe that's just because I tend to enjoy alot of really sorrowful pieces. Don't get me wrong here, the feeling of sorrow is definately present here, I'm just saying it may have helped to further communicate that feeling to the listener. The transition back into the main, intense, theme was brilliantly done and I can really appreciate that because transitions between ideas in songs is often the most difficult part of composing for me. I enjoyed the guitar part immensely, and it supplied a good way to help build the piece into what it was. It did seem like it might have been missing a little something in a spot or two, but as I am not entirely sure exactly what it was. Which is good as that means it may be something minute, and anyway the piece did well without it. One thing I think might have been better is if you had added a little more variation, but it might just seem that way because the main idea is so intense and present. Overall it is a brilliant piece, and I have trouble finding critiques in it. It was incredibly well done. What did you use to compose this? This piece is inspiring me to compose on a grander scale for various instruments.

Sycross responds:

Thanks a lot for the review! Originally, the sad part in the middle was much longer, but I ended up cutting it down. I really wasn't sure how long I wanted the sad part to be, and I was mostly focusing on making sure they weren't too long... I may have to fix the lengths up when I make my adapted version (for live instruments). I also enjoy extremely sad songs, but I love epic songs too... so I mixed 'em together. Thanks for your comments about the transitions, I spent a LOT of time revising them, making sure it to sounded exactly the way I wanted it to.

Variation has always been one of my weak points, and I tried to vary this piece a little more than most of my pieces. I am still working towards creating truly dynamic pieces, though.

I also felt that something was definitely missing during parts, especially the first climax.... but as this was for the MAC8 and I started writing this 2 days before the contest, I was pressured for time, and just needed to get the song uploaded. Again, something to fix for the adaptation.

About the guitar part...... Uh... I didn't add guitar in this, lol, but it may have just been a crappy synth of something else that sounded like a guitar... :/ Glad you liked whatever the instrument part was though.

To compose this I used Sony ACID 6.0, with the Miroslav Philharmonik VST collection. I would definitely recommend composing orchestral pieces. Athough charting out notes on a computer screen for multiple tracks (I think I used 12 in this song) can be extremely tiring and frustrating, I always feel the end result is worth it....

Not to say I don't enjoy a simple piano piece, I love those also. I find them to be more expressive (since they are often the only music which is actually recorded on Newgrounds), and I would record me playing piano, but my piano at home is unfortunately extremely out of tune... :/

Thanks again. It feels good knowing I've inspired someone! :)


P.S. I'm glad you understood what I meant with the quote I put in the song's comments.


There are very few pieces of music that really move me and send a shiver down my spine, however this is definitely one of them! There are moments in this song that really touch me, a powerful tool in the realm of music! If sad but intense is the feel you were after, you definitely achieved it in this piece. The different layers work extremely well together, the different sounds blending wonderfully to produce an absolute masterpiece. I could easily listen to this time and time again without getting bored of it.

This is quite honestly better than some more mainstream music that is of a similar style. You've displayed an amazing talent with this, don't waste it! I expect to hear more from you! :p

Sycross responds:

Thank YOU so much! I can't tell you how much a great review means to me. I will definitely be uploading more music onto Newgrounds, and I am actually working on an adapted version of this song (for live instruments) as well as a new type of music for me... A lyrical piece, which I am very excited about.

Keep your eye out for more stuff, but with school just starting and all, it might take me some time. All these AP classes are wearing me down... :/


totally awesome!!

this is epic!best song iv heard this is classic!awesome work!

Sycross responds:

Lol, thank you. I appreciate the review! :)

wow great song

really characteristic . but little to empty for my taste.. maybe some bass in the background?
maybe just me but the drum beat should have been in more ^^
overall great song

Sycross responds:

Thanks for the tips, I'm glad you liked it. Some parts of the song felt a little empty to me too, but I couldn't seem to make it sound right no matter how much I added. I might update the song if I go back and fix it.

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4.71 / 5.00

Jul 30, 2008
7:09 PM EDT
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