==(Repairing a Broken Sky

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An enormous void has appeared in the sky, and it is your duty to repair it. All you see and experience as you float around in space, repairing the sky, is representated withing this piece. What you experience, though, is up to your imagination.

(I'd love to read some stories if any of you do imagine what happens to you as the piece progresses! :D )


This one gets amazingly intense in some parts. Please note the drums and percussion, as I put loads of effort into em.

This song doesn't really have any melodic theme at all. Except for the occasional saw synth melodies. But the main focus in this song is the arps, pads and drums. That is, the song focuses more on an atmosphere and mood than a catchy melody. But you can accept that, right? ;)

BPM: 100
Time: 7:07

I know it's a bit long, but just...

Sit back. Relax. Listen. Don't skip violently around like some madman. You aren't busy. In fact, you could use just sitting back and relaxing for a while. Perhaps this would be the perfect soundtrack to your little sit-back-session? :D




AWESOME, although its kind of long, it IS SO SWEET!


I love your comments. Anyway... Since you TOLD me to write any stories, then fine :D

I can imagive that a group of people in a universe I made up with this. Its set in the future, and this group of people are on a planet lead by a mysterious man called "Councillor Van-Datan", an ex-politician that has been outlawed from his own country for saving the group of people earlier in a tight spot.

Anyway, He's lead them to the planet to try and find a contact of his, another race called the Serali. War has been declared recently, an huge, aggressive Empire against a newly-forged alliance, and this councilor believes that there is more to this declaration of war than for the empire to claim more territory, and for them to kill more non-humans [[since the alliance has many non-humans, and the empire is strongly xenophobic.]]

Of course, the group would love to help their own alliance and also figure out what the Empire is up to, because they wouldn't just attack if they were confident they could win, they always engulf weaker factions near them, but the alliance is not even close to the empire's territory, and the alliance also has superb technologies that would make the empire hard-pressed to break through their initial defenses.

The planet has all this strange cyan-colored stuff 'growing' along rocks, frost-colored grass and trees, which glows lightly in the night. The councillor tells the group that this 'stuff' is called Psikon, a natural, strange kind of element that gives off radiation never seen before by anyone, though thats all he would tell the group other than its harmless effects of heightened senses when you pass through areas filled with Psikon. There must be more to what he isn't telling them... But its not like you can ask him, hm?

Theres alot more to that story, but this song makes me think of that moment :D
As for the song, I really like it. Its actually ambient for once and isn't too aggressive yet not too calm. Great job. 5/5 10/10!


Very relaxing indeed. I just came home and had quite a hard day. I went to NG and listened to this piece... I did what you said (I sit back and listened to the track) and what should I say? I feel better now! :)
Maybe it's not only due to your track, but also because I just relaxed for a few minutes. But your song definatly helped a lot.

I especially like the powerful drums here. Most other tracks on NG have some very bland sounding drums, but these here are so bassy, so deep, it's amazing.

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Awesome. I could listen to this for...ever!

Awesome piece! Oh, you said you'd like to read stories? I can feed you then :3

I fall asleep.
For a few hours, I don't move.
(song starts)
I wake up, in an ocean of clouds, flying around. A dark void slowly opens, as I notice the soft breeze I can breathe. I fly towards it, avoiding any contact for a while, just glancing at the clouds and the void. I gather a bit of air and blow the void below the clouds, it crashing into the earth and splittering into pieces that are harmless to anyone. My work is done. I lay onto a cloud, and fall asleep again.
(song ends)
I wake up in my room, and a few seconds later am waken up by the door opening and mom yelling "Dinner time!". I glance at her, blinking a few times, and say "You won't BELIEVE what I just dreamed." Standing up, I don't notice the wings laying on my bed.

very good :D

it reminds me of some movie i saw :D

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