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Karco - Time For Morning

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EDIT 7-30-08: Everyone listen to the song you'll find at http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/159705 (remove the space), it's a song my friend and I made! :D


EDIT: What do you know, Weekly 5th! And I wasn't even trying! :D Thanks for your votes everyone, and enjoy!

Don't forget not to judge by the intro, which might be a bit minimal for the tastes of some of you out there. Skip a minute or two in if you have to. :P


This is a full (as full as it'll get, anyway) version of the 30-second demo of Form I submitted a while back, under a new name.

I changed my mind about this track. Instead of finishing up the lyrics and recording the vocals, I decided I'd submit it as it was, as I personally hate the sound of it. There's been a Maximus on the Master Channel all along, I didn't know better when I started making it, but I do now - and for this track, I've become dependent on it. The mixing sounds bad as it is, but horrible without it to a point it'd take a huge amount of effort to bring it back. :( What's more, the Newgrounds player makes it sound really weird... fans and critics, download the file to hear how it really sounds. I'll pick it up again if people experienced in mixing say that the mix sounds fine, but I doubt it'll happen.

Anyway, it's your standard, fast-progressing, Radio Edit (no, there's no Original or Club mix) of an Uplifting Trance song, with a slightly "rawer" (though in a good way) touch to it compared to most other tracks - listen to the intro, with the bass and square synths and you'll hear what I mean. Influences included a few big names I had been listening to when I started this song, namely Armin van Buuren's song This World is Watching Me (which inspired the square) and Benny Benassi's Satisfaction (which inspired the idea of the mix that didn't turn out so well). Later on, Pulstate's old style (you can hear it in some of his submissions here on Newgrounds) influenced it as well.

If you hear any empty-sounding parts (for example, where the drums exit for the breakdown) that's where I had vocals planned, so keep that in mind.

I think that's about it. Enjoy. :D

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Nice Work Man!

Good Electro track!

Digging the bass.

Keep up the good work!

Oh and check out some of my stuff, reviews appreciated :D



Karco responds:

Sorry Gonif, but if I reviewed everyone who wanted one, I don't think I'd time to breathe. D: No joke. Look up my alt KarcoReviewAlt if you'd like to read something useful though!

Thanks for the kind words and the review.


You never cease to amaze. Everything blends in so precisely, and the ambient rhythms mixed with the beat and the backgroud take the it to a great level. Holy shit your good!

Keep it!!

Karco responds:


Oh Wow...

Your Chords, Bassline and Rhodes are just Breathtaking.

Its just Amazing... I've never heard any Trance song other than any of yours Sound so good on This Site.

I think after the build up with the Kick roll, It could've sounded a bit fuller, but the bassline soon makes up for that.

I feel so wrong Giving Constructive Crtisism to someone who Knows exactly that They're doing .:P

Good Job Anywayz :]

5/5 9/10

Karco responds:

Heh, lucky you Sp1r1t, I'm making a 2009 remake of this track. :D

I believe the bass came in right after the kick roll? Unless you mean the square synth - this track was originally supposed to have vocals but with the unsavable state the mix was in (as I actually DIDN'T know what I was doing in several senses during the beginning of the production of this track) I figured it wasn't worth the effort.

Thanks for the review!


...the breakdown doesn't sound that empty, and I spent a while trying to figure out what it reminded me of. And I remembered: it sounds like a slower, piano-less version of the breakdown from "Something's Up" by Sean Tyas and Simon Patterson. Which is not poor company to be compared to at all, though the breakdown's almost certainly in Simon Patterson's style-- the very long, very hard trance buildup is more Sean Tyas. Go have a listen to it sometime. That's startling progression in a song.

But anyway. I actually really like this song, and it's one of maybe three tracks total I've downloaded from NG. While some could easily argue that it sounds repetitive, even as far as trance goes, your progression kept me from feeling as if that was the case. Instead, it goes toward being catchy, not irritating. Not a terribly useful review, as I only have an ear for composition and sounds, not mastering/mixing, but once I remembered what the breakdown reminded me of, I felt like leaving a review anyway. :P Cheers!

Karco responds:

Well, I've got to go look up those tracks as soon as I get home then. :O Thanks for the thoughts Liralei!


This is my new favorite song!!!!! I LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!

Karco responds:

Excited are we? :P

Glad you liked it.

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Jul 26, 2008
10:01 PM EDT
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