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Leap of Faith {durn}

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A tune I composed after moving to my new apartment in the city... without finding a job first. :d

A mix of Melodic Trance and Rhythmic House/Breaks!

I've been a loooooong-time user of Newgrounds for its games so I figured it was about time to give something back. :)

Enjoy the song and if you can find a game to put it in, even better. :D

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Fun to listen to - like a space voyage.

I downloaded this just over a week ago and it seems to have been changed radically - the bass and beats are a lot heavier, the volume louder and there seem to be a few other tweaks...

I actually kinda liked the quietness of the original - that had a soft, chilled aspect - it was kinda something you could play whilst lounging about.

This one has tons more energy and fits better into the genre. Still, I'd have suggested submitting a new version (as an 'edit') rather than overwriting this one...

You still haven't fixed what I consider a notable fault - the ending. It just sounds curtailed - you should wait until the resonance fades away. Or if you were trying to make it loop, just know that it doesn't work. And no-one would use a song this long as a loop.

Opening beats sound great. Love the 'engine noise' synth that pops up around 14s, then plays for about 2s each time it pops in. What is that?

The way you introduce the higher melody at :57ish works well, the transformation to the synth at 1:37 less so imo.

It's not until 1:52 that the beats really start and it starts to get into the groove.

The melody played at 2:25ish is kinda simplistic but works as something to hang the other instruments off of.

Cutting everything out at 2:45seems a bit much - it might have been an idea to keep the beats or something with a harder tempo going.

I love the reinterpretation at 3:47. I think this would've worked well as a focus. If you'd built up to this part then used it as a chilled out 'climax', it might have worked.

I feel like it's a fun piece to listen to. I'll probably keep it. But in terms of being something that we can really groove along to? No. I feel you need to learn to judge better when to let the beats drop, how to keep the tempo going and use the chilled out bits more judiciously if you want it to be a pumping track.

Still fun.

durn responds:

lol, weird dude. I haven't updated/changed the tune at all. the one you heard when you first downloaded is the same one that's up now. :)

the engine sound is just an analog saw-bass with a bit of portamento running on it (sounds engine-like at first because the freq. is being slowly raised)

the groove I get into at 1:52 was something new and different for me so I'm glad you liked it though I hear ya about my rhythm sections; they're always the weakest part of my tracks.

and aye, the ending is weak, couldn't think of what to do. :P lol, so sue me. :D

thanks for the comments, dude. :)

Not bad

On the whole this tune has alot, going for it the sound is fun.

The introduction is a good way ,to start this track .I like the beat on this tune. The sound is enjoyable the trance track h,as a nice background tune. A mix of different vibes which ,makes for a good tune. The track has a nice eletro vibe to it. Despite the length i found this, to be a good round tune.The muisic is varied and although ,a little on the quiet side to be a fun track. The ending good.

The probelm is the tune to quiet. The track whilst good ,is not as fast and a bit to slow for a trancc track. The sound is fun. Its just that the beat could be more louder. Although i dont mind the this, i found the tine whilst not that repetitive could have had a more fun,sound to it.

Ovreal a fun track.

review request club

durn responds:

thanks for the review, phantom! :)

Wind up

This track seems to be winding up for something, but I'm not entirely sure of what it's going for.

The beat is nice and the melody, while simple, is quite effective to the point of distraction from the beat. I think that you've done a decent enough job with the variation of the melody, giving us plenty to dwell on over the course of this tune.

Though it doesn't loop very well, who needs it to loop at this kind of length? A nice tune that's only really shy of some lyrics to make it superb.

[Review Request Club]

durn responds:

:) some singing would be awesome. I've been dusting off my vocal chords lately and my buddy's finished setting up his home recording studio so future works may see some! :)


It takes some time before the song really takes off. At first it's a nice drum track, but it's not that special. At 2:00 into the track it really starts for me. Now a nice melody starts and we have something else to listen to.

Too bad the nice melody stops so soon. Because even though the song is over 5 minutes long there isn't that much happening here.

{ Review Request Club }

durn responds:

lol, glad you liked the melody but I hear ya. thanks for the review :)

Not bad.

Ha, you should always be looking for a job before making audio submissions for newgrounds. >.< Hm, I couldn't honestly see this in any game for some reason, but that doesn't mean that someone else wouldn't like to see this in their game sometime. Even a movie, doesn't have to be a game I guess. I did enjoy listening to your audio submission though. It was great overall. I hope you keep contributing to newgrounds in the future.


~ Review Request Club ~

durn responds:

Thanks for the review, Corky! :)

Yeah, not too gamey on this submission. Definitely more of a listening tune. :)

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Jul 24, 2008
2:27 PM EDT
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