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Anemone's Theme

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Author Comments

A theme for Anemone, a kind woman from one of my many stories ;-)

Recorded from piano. I would make a flash book about this story, but I can't be bothered.

Rate, review and enjoy!

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worth downloading

The ending was a bit abrupt, but the overall tune is great and pleasurable. Thinking about exploring more of your music here.

Zero123Music responds:

please do ;)

thanks for the review


So beautiful. I've had the pleasure of browsing your work.

My god. This piece is wonderful. Can't help but think of a guy who watches a pretty girl walk by. Her hair waving in the wind, a smile on her face, eyes that sparkle eternal...

An innocent personality, but not without a bit of pain in her past. Beautiful.

Thank you.

Zero123Music responds:

awww, that's the kinda thing I was thinking of when composing this.

thanks YOU :)

I love it....

dude...this is like a song when you realize you love someone. I can imagine a whole story behind this song...I LOVE THIS SONG!!!

Zero123Music responds:

:D this review made me smile. Thanks alot man, I'm glad you enjoyed it.


Very nice theme. The piano sounds awesome and the melody is great.
reminds me a bit of another composer here on NG, but only for a place: 0:33 ^^
All in all, I'ts just great. Keep the good work on.

By the way, how about a collab at some time?

- Intero

Zero123Music responds:

:-O... Really? a collab with Intero!!?? I'd be soo honored but i have never done a collab before and er.. i cannot record anymore stuff anytime soon. I am using FL but my pieces aren't so great on there. Look at my profile post 3 and At World's End is my best in FL (just so you get a taste of my skills in FL)

Thanks ALOT for the 10 - [this is my best work though so don't think too highly cause of one song]

Lovely! :D

I must say, I am thoroughly disappointed. I wrote a review for this earlier today, and it was multiple paragraphs long. Shortly before I finished, the internet froze and it was all deleted. I rewrote the entire thing from scratch, and the same thing happened again! You'd think I would learn from my mistakes and save my writing midway through. :P So here I am to do it once again. While it will not be as long as it was originally, I am determined to get this review posted! Yeah! >:-D

-Variety: If a song has too little, it is boring; if too much, it is random. You've hit a balance between the two. Your dynamic contrast and subtle tempo changes contribute to this. While this song is only simple ABA form, it works quite well and I enjoy the section starting around :24. The minor chords in it create a nice tension.
-Style: I love your playing style! You have an excellent grasp of dynamic contrast, which many audio artists here lack. The gradual crescendos and decrescendos add so much liveliness to music, and you have delivered in this regard. I also like the rubato you use. Even the minute tempo changes add to the "organic" and human aspect of the loop. It is evident that this was not composed on a computer.
-Chords and Melody: The melody you used is quite lovely. While it is simplistic, it is memorable and strikingly emotional. The chords you use fit it well. The progression seemed a bit clich'e (sp?) at first, but chords such as at 1:11 provided some degree of harmonic interest. Again, I loved the minor chords in the "B" section. Oh, and this is aside from the point, but I like the rolled chord at the end. ;)

I don't have many complaints, but I do have a suggestion or two. Firstly (and this IS a complaint) there are a few hiccups in the performance department. While this is very well played as a whole, especially for someone your age, a few places sounded off. One specific example is :42:-:44. There was a bass note which didn't line up rhythmically with the right hand. Perhaps it was even done on purpose, but it sounded off to me. Also, the ending didn't loop quite right. If you cut the song off right after the rolled chord at the end, it would loop almost seamlessly if not for tempo differences between the beginning and end. I would like to hear just a bit more variety, perhaps another section. That is simply personal preference, however. For a character theme which loops, this does its job well.

This is being very picky, however. You have a wonderful talent for your age, especially in regard to your piano playing. I started composing when I was almost 13, and I love to listen to younger composers. How long have you played the piano? Do you have any experience with music theory? Back to the point, though. Lovely song; you've done an excellent job. Keep up the good work, I would like to hear more of your work! :D


9/10 and 5/5 vote

Zero123Music responds:

I feel so bad for writing such a short review for you and thank you for the nice comments :-) .
1. The hiccup was accidental, normally that would never happen, I carried on because it sounded so good at the beginning, I recorded several other times but couldn't get it right.
2. Yes, I shall try to have another section in my new songs, though most of them are already recorded - Like Foreseen (Piano) - which probably has too many sections, as basically this theme had two sections.
3. As my Sibelius has stopped working, I have had to record most of the piano pieces I made when I was about 11 or 12.
4. It is only a loop as it is a person's theme.
5. I know hardly anything of music theory lol, I am Grade 2 piano but I have abandoned it as the pieces were so boring, my inspirations are Nobuo Uematsu from Final Fantasies, DavidOrr and you on the audio portal.
and 6. I am so honored to get such a high mark from such a good composer.

Thank you very much for the long review - (I wrote this much so I could compare lol)

Credits & Info

4.88 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2008
3:19 PM EDT
File Info
1.7 MB
1 min 49 sec

Licensing Terms

Please contact me if you would like to use this in a project. We can discuss the details.