TF - Surround

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This is my first attempt (I think) at ambient. It didn't take long to come up with. Made entirely from the Sytrus Pad sample presets in FL8.
Vote how you want, but please do leave a review to justify your vote.
Constructive reviews needed.



I guess for ambient stuff this is fine, but there is so much more you could do other then using a couple of Sytrus pads for the whole song. Try smacking a melody on this. Plus, it's not all one constant thing, just a bunch of different sounds put on there.

really great

would a very nice space or portal ambient

good job ,sounds very cool

I use FL8 by myself and I'm each time surprised what people can create with it ^^

keep on =)

thefev responds:

That's what I thought it sounded like. I got the feeling of space-ish music when I listened to it at the end, but somehow others got the feeling of "horror game." Well, I guess I'll have to work on conveying thoughts into music a lot more then. ><
I'm still learning actually. FL8 IS pretty awesome. I have to thank MrMilkCarton for teaching me most of the basics. Try PMing him. He "loves to talk."

Not bad

Not bad song, but if you add melody to this music it will be much better.

thefev responds:

Melody... Yeah, can you be more specific. If not, please stop trying to get "audio review count +1." Give a constructive feedback to the artist so that they can improve themselves. I'm so sick of seeing "you need to improve the melody/harmonic etc." So, next time you review, be sure not to embarrass yourself by pretending to know something.


Well you got a nice mood going there.
Sadly though the song doesn't go anywhere, and I'm pretty sure trance is for tripping... so you need to take your audience somewhere.
I think it needs a bit of percussion too... but maybe thats just my tastes.

keep up the good work!6/10 Honest reviews... how often you get that on ng...

thefev responds:

It's ambient... So, yeah, not really in need of percussions there.
Anyway, trance can be many thing from cheesy to deep emotional music. It can be a daze, or it can be meaningless. It doesn't necessarily need to be "tripping."
Thanks for the review though, good to hear some honesty and feedback from people that know what they're talking about.


This is pretty good. Kinda wish there was a female voice come in a little bit in just 'aaaahhhhhhhh'ing her own little melody to set the whole thing in place. But unless you can obtain a female singing voice, thats pretty hard huh? XD


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thefev responds:

O I dunno. I could record my own voice and mess with the X&Y controller to get a female-sounding voice... (Creepy, huh? Well, Rig did it for the FL Core comp.)
I'll consider it next time I aim for the creepy, scary theme of music.
Thanks for the review!

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Jul 21, 2008
4:18 AM EDT
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