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Destructive Paths

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Author Comments

A quick message to those uber 0 bombers out there. This message is heart warming.

*Oh hey there 0 bombers. Guess what? no matter how many times you 0 bomb this, You will never ever bring the score down efficiently enough... Wanna know why? Cuz you suck at life so much, that you have bomb talent so you can feel happy about yourself. Who knows, your probably sitting in a chair with cheeto remains on your beer belly, soaking in your own feces and semen, and you think your life is just perfect. Well guess what, while you 0 bomb this song, and you think your being so cool, just realize this. This song got me laid more times than you can imagine. So 0 bomb it. Go ahead, I'll just end up getting more ass than you. I guess maybe then you'll feel better about yourself. You're probably going to die a virgin anyway, so its not like your life matters.*

I had sex tonight.

Please listen to the WHOLE song before voting or Reviewing, I worked too hard on this submission for someone to just bomb the crap out of it because they don't like the beginning.

Also, if you only liked the Solo part, you can check out the first submission I did of this song. It's only the solo.

-Slave Labor

P.S. USE THIS IN AN ANIMATION! Preferably something good, and not pr0n.


Awesome heavy metal song

This is one of the best songs I have heard so far in the Heavy Metal page here. Very nice slow build-up, a "JESUS CHRIST!!!" guitar solo, and a perfect ending. Although just a thought, it would be nice to add lyrics to the song. And the build-up could be a little shorter too. Overall, this has an impressive Heavy Metal-feel to it.

P.S. Way to show off those 0-bombers on your "Author's comments". :3
4/5 & 9/10

SlaveLabor responds:

No, Lyrics do not work with this song. I've tried.

And thanks for the Awshum Review




begining was nice liked how u built up suspense. uhm the rest well done absolutely loved it!! like fuckin rockin out to this dude kisk ass and wow diggin it fo sho! the only is tho the scream at the end. thats just me but really sounds like u put your heart and soul in this piece. 10/10 5/5 very well done

SlaveLabor responds:

GOT A PROBLEM WITH MY SCREAM!? lol jk, thanks for the awesome review, but you should check out the original track done by Manditory, it's called the Wanderer.

Thanks for the AWSUM review :D




Holy crappers. This song is freaking great. Yes, the Intro is a little long but I like that. It helps me get more into the music. At around 3:03-3:22 it gets a wee bit repetative with the drums having the same beat. And the "YEAH!!!!!!!" was a nice touch btw. Oh, may I upload this on Youtube? Giving you full credit and providing a link directly to this song.

SlaveLabor responds:

It's already uploaded on youtube. Somebodeh beat you to it :D

Thanks for the review and yes I'm aware of the repetitiveness .



My god.

Easily has to be one of the best masterpieces I've ever heard. Tell me, why aren't you taking your musical skill above and beyond NewGrounds? Because this song tells me that you can make music that deserves more than being on a website such as this.

There are still problems though. The intro, as awesome as it is, is too long considering it doesn't change much. The bass guitar, as I can see mentioned in other reviews, is something that has to be worked on. Otherwise, I'd be a liar for saying this song sucks.

Keep it up.

SlaveLabor responds:

Bass, is because I blow ass.

Intro was kept original to the original song done by Manditory - The Wanderer, which mind you, I had no idea I who they were in the first place ALL credit goes to them.

As for musical wise. Applied to Juliard (because I have other music that's like qwi4uey5o345 times better) and they laughed me off the audition stage, and since then I've been recording this album that seems to never end (The final song in track is a whopping 18 minutes long of straight up metal). So yea, I'm trying... hopefully I'll release the entire album on here, give you Newgrounders a free taste.

Anyway thanks for the supportive review.




SlaveLabor, thanks to this and your song now i have to clean my pants and my computer.... this is one of the best things i have ever heard.... simply awesome!

SlaveLabor responds:

Shit, My bad. Uh... here's a napkin.

Thanks for the review, original song is by Manditory and all credit goes to them.



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Credits & Info


4.12 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2008
11:41 PM EDT
Heavy Metal
File Info
3.9 MB
4 min 13 sec

Licensing Terms

Please contact me if you would like to use this in a project. We can discuss the details.