Destructive Paths

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A quick message to those uber 0 bombers out there. This message is heart warming.

*Oh hey there 0 bombers. Guess what? no matter how many times you 0 bomb this, You will never ever bring the score down efficiently enough... Wanna know why? Cuz you suck at life so much, that you have bomb talent so you can feel happy about yourself. Who knows, your probably sitting in a chair with cheeto remains on your beer belly, soaking in your own feces and semen, and you think your life is just perfect. Well guess what, while you 0 bomb this song, and you think your being so cool, just realize this. This song got me laid more times than you can imagine. So 0 bomb it. Go ahead, I'll just end up getting more ass than you. I guess maybe then you'll feel better about yourself. You're probably going to die a virgin anyway, so its not like your life matters.*

I had sex tonight.

Please listen to the WHOLE song before voting or Reviewing, I worked too hard on this submission for someone to just bomb the crap out of it because they don't like the beginning.

Also, if you only liked the Solo part, you can check out the first submission I did of this song. It's only the solo.

-Slave Labor

P.S. USE THIS IN AN ANIMATION! Preferably something good, and not pr0n.


OMG !!

That was bad ass dude ! You are a amazing drummer. You recording quality is very professional ! Omg ... Good guitar work too. This song sounded very Metallica-ish :P. Keep it up \m/

SlaveLabor responds:

Thanks for the Review!



wow man that waz fuckn amazing and tha solo waz fuckn stellar az fuck haha u shld so make more

SlaveLabor responds:

Thanks man, glad you liked it.

Rock On! \m/


solo was just the best

SlaveLabor responds:

Yea, That solo was a PAIN in the ass to perfect.

ROCK ON!!! \m/


Wow, simply wow. Perfect in every aspect. Well almost perfect i'm sure about the drums, The snare sounds wierd, Oh well. I was gonna vote a 4, but then the solo kicked in and the bit after the solo is just immense. And then that shout at the end :P

I know mine seem quite inferior to this but i seem to be gettin lack of reviews lately, so could you have a look at this if you get the time.
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/163941

SlaveLabor responds:

Thanks man, I tried to sharpen the snare in the beginning a little bit, the damn microphone wouldn't cooperate when I was recording, I think it was because of the stereo mix I was using in order to bring out the Tom Toms, but yea.

Thanks for the Review, I will definitely check out your submission.

ROCK ON!!!! \m/!

Fucking Brilliant.

Perfect theme for the Snark Cafe. I congratulate you Turk.

SlaveLabor responds:

Thanks victor, now bend over >:D

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Jul 16, 2008
11:41 PM EDT
Heavy Metal
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