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An old man, burdened by age, sits at his desk within his study. He is writing a book about something that happened long ago. It is the story of man's champion, Ferlon Blaine. The first human king of Celestria, the first savior of his people, and the first man to destroy an entire race. His actions have preceded through history, and many have adapted his wisdom to the common way of living.

Perhaps it is was his love for Marion that caused him to make the decision that he did, or perhaps it was plain pity for the world. Either way, he changed the Earth and inherited its secret which would deceive him in the future. But for now, let us enjoy the story and learn about the Quest of Eve.

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you sir...

are amazing...a source of inspiration...
i've been wondering how i should put my book...living it through the eyes of the main character or let a person tell the tale...
well, you helped me without even knowing it.
Here is the changed intro

My name is of no importance, i am old, aged and war-hardend.
But of all tale's i heard in my life, there is one that was never writen down.
It was the tale that all knows, for the whole world is mentioned in it.
The tale of Ernest Dharis, savior of the world, protecter of the Light.
Some say he was a half-god, others say he got lucky in his adventures.
The reason it was never writen down you ask me...?
For there was nobody close enough to tell the tale how it happened...
Nobody...except from one person...Miligen Arnhout.
Princess of the Great Elven kingdom of Dornof, Commander of the Bladesingers...and my mother...
She passed away some years ago...she reached the age of 241...but she didn't die of age.
She died by the hands of a demon, his name is Wutham(he who corrupts), also known as the Darkness.
As you should have figured out, Ernest was my father, but i never knew him, for he went missing in 730 AL(After Luminus).
Also known as 0 AF(After Fargoth{=Near-Doom}) or the new age.
But i am dwindling of the topic, as i tried to mention, i found my mothers diary.
The one she had near her when the Fargoth was nearing, it contained a detailed description of all events in their travels.
The fight before the gates of Darswing where the great dwarven king was slain.
The journey through the desserts of the Zeiphos homelands in the continent of Darkness.
The Surrender of the leaders of Darkness...
It contains all of it.
And here i am...
lonely and alone...
The bloodlines of both the Arnhouts and Dharisses shall be lost along with me...
So before i have to leave i shall write down their tale so the world shall always remember what happened, how the world was almost devoured in an endless pool of darkness...and how my parents stopped that from happening...
Let me begin...

"This is a widelly known tale, for it involved all species known in this world.
None was neglected, all were involved. And know i am here to write its events down.
This is the tale of the Fargoth, this is the tale of Ernest Dharis and how he saved the world from disaster..."

Just wow.

This is one of the best opening songs for something I've ever heard. Very mysterious and gorgeously orchestrated. The opening of the piano and the mellow tone it played at first, then with the strings coming in was amazing. Don't stop creating, it would be a dark day if you did. Music like this can mean a lot to many people. I know I'm one of them. Thank you for creating a song with such a memorable tone. I know I won't soon forget it.

i like this one also

omg you are such a good orcistraiter i live this so much. added also and 10/10

Such a extremely relaxing song. Epic!

Man, this is one of your best songs. Sounds so proffesional too, as if it was taken right out of a movie or something. However, even though it's relaxing it doesn't make me think about heroes that has died or anything that sad like many of the others who reviewed this song.

It makes me think about something like, a person has a troublesome life, bullied by everyone, hard work each day. Now it's friday, no work tomorrow.

He finaly gets some time by himself. He lays down on his bed, closes his eyes and dreams himself away from all that trouble and pain.. dreaming about how his life could have been, if he just had chosen do take another path, if he just had ran away to another place, leaving everything else behind.

Well, something like that. ^^


This really sounds professional. Like someone just died in a movie.

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Jul 15, 2008
4:37 AM EDT
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