Flowers in the Rain

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About a month into a new relationship, I began to write this song. You can hear at the end where things went bad (or so I thought). Happy to say, everything worked out.

Flowers in the Rain
c. 2007 M. Vandling/Monkeywithumbs Music

you know that I can read your mind
I know what you're thinking
I can see through
everything you mean to say
so don't tell me any lies
open up my eyes
and my trust will grow...

...like flowers in the rain
fire to a flame
burning everything away until only love remains... 2x

have I wasted all this time,
searching for an answer?
searching for the truth?
each moment that goes by
brings me closer to you
my life is not pretend
someday I will reach the end...

...like flowers in the rain
fire to a flame
burning everything away until only love remains... 2x

so much for that....
so much for that...
so much for you

stomping all the flowers underneath of your shoes
so much for that...
so much for you
had to be too good to be true
so much for that
so much for you.

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Great Song

This is by far my favorite song now on NG. Your voice is amazing, if i say so myself. Its sounds like a mix of Ville Valo, and Jon Bon Jovi a bit. Overall this is a great song, the lyrics are great, the music was nicely done, great job. Looking forward to more.

Fire to a flame....

The emotion behind your lyrics. This is how music is supposed to be sang.

Nice Guitars

The solos where great. You need to work a little more on your voice. It needs more strenght. You have a very nice voice and if you work a little more on your style I now you could get even better results as you are now. I think the lyrics needs a little more strenght, specially on the chorus. But It was a very nice song.

Listen to kamelot. Roy Khan has a low voice like yours but he has more control and balance. Check it so you get what Im talking about.

Monkeywithumbs responds:

Thanks for the honest review. You are 100% correct in your analysis of my vocals. A good analogy would be your spelling. You have great insight and honesty in your reviews but you lack the fundamental element of proper spelling. (And this even SHOWS any words that get misspelled!!!) LOL! I am way kidding, man! Really, I think that my vocals lack power for 2 reasons: 1. I don't sing from my diaphragm like I should cause doing that forces you to "belt it out..." (Hmmm... I wonder if that's where that term came from...?)
Reason #2 I believe is psychological. When I recorded the vocals on nearly all of these cuts, there was always someone within hearing distance and that really inhibits me way more than it should. I know that when the headphones are on, all anyone can hear is my voice and that just freaks me the fk out! I would literally have to be on a deserted island, hundreds of miles from anyone to be 100% un-inhibited to be able to sing with all of my might, heart and soul (and balls, of course). Or maybe in an iso. booth with someone that sings worse than me running the board...lol
Now, don't get me wrong, I still would not be able to really "sing well" ...that's just not going to happen, but I would be able to use what ability I do have to it's full potential. It's all in my head and that sucks.

dude omg...

kick ass, i was searching through all through this genre looking for vocals that i could understand and a good clean voice with bad ass guitar and instrumentals and i have to say i found it! great song, love it. i want more lol.

Monkeywithumbs responds:

Thanks bro...That is so awesome for you to say!

Can't say enough about your guitarist

I really like the lyrics in this song, I would've sang them differently, but that's me

Monkeywithumbs responds:

Thanks, man. I am my guitarist, so Thanks again ;) Actually, I do everything on about 70% of the songs I have on here. The ones I don't, I list the credits. That has always been my problem... I can " play the guitar like a motha fuckin riot", but can't sing for shit. hahaha...I just try my best.

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Jul 14, 2008
1:10 AM EDT
Heavy Metal
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