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When you win a fight or a war the sweet rush of victory, the intense feeling of relief makes it all too easy to pick up a corpse once called friend and forget them in the mound in which they are buried.


Here's what I think

Seeing as this is a song you made to be more minimal than your usual works, I'll give some more criticisms than usual. Oh, to hell with it, brace yourself for a bastard review! Insulting (kind of)

First things first, the piano sounds like a dead cat. If a dead cat played the piano, this is what it would sound like, because dead cats are dead, and they don't care what people think. I'm a bit of a hypocrite saying this, as I've only taken the effort to achieve realism in my piano only a few times. If I played this song, I'd add some more drastic dynamics, make the pauses more dramatic. The pauses in the melody lack presence, it's like the silence before a fart, in which you try to cover the fart up with another one, and all meaning to your polite dinner party conversation is lost. Pianists have emotion. Their fingers are the most sensitive, the most well controlled part of their body. The dynamics in this piece sound as if you cut off the pianists fingers and replaced them with hammers, and then you replaced the pianist with a machine. Sure, it hits all the notes perfectly, perfect timing, and some dynamics applied, but it's the pianists interpretation of the song that makes the music so good. The pause on a chord as it fades into nothing, and the decision to return strong and loud, or fade in gently, it's all about the extremes. Rubato is a term that I have acquired over my last couple of years of piano lessons, and now I can't imagine how I could perform not knowing what this wonderful little word is. It breathes life into any emotional piece. It pushes the melody slightly faster at the right moment, and counteracts it wish a slight pulling back slower to even out. Listen to some Chopin and you should hear it. Composers from the romantic era are full of life and robato. You're writing a romantic piece, and performing it in a classical/baroque style.

Then, I noticed that your piece lacked backbone, it's very thin. Sure, there's the melody, and a rolling bassline, and even a pretty lady singing in harmony, but it's like conducting an orchestra, where half of the orchestra is missing, and your baton is actually a rubber chicken. Sure, this piece is pretty minimalistic, but it wants to be more than that, the melody shows desire to be grand and triumphant. The bass is depended on too much in the second half, which is disappointing, because it's not really outstanding. It's mediochre, and it doesn't diversify itself enough. It's also quite high, and doesn't really move around much. There are 88 notes on a piano, you should use more of them!

The melody. While it would be good in your normal maestro composition, it's not really one to hold its own on such a light piece as this. Should you ditch it for something else? Hell no! You need to work your accompaniment more, maybe bring some more flair to the tune. The jumps in pitch between phrases sound quite "off". You should bring them closer together to give it a better flow. Don't be afraid to delve out of key and throw in some accidentals. When you run between two notes in the same key with an accidental, you'll sound incredibly awesome. There's nothing like an intended accidental on a piano solo.

Overall, you should try and imagine that the song is actually being played by a real person. In all honesty, I think this piece has a lot of potential, really quite good, and I figure you probably know a lot of what I've said here, bit I figure that some "your music is like..." and some thorough talking to and reitertaion of things you may already know will be a good thing for you. Maestro, you are an amazing, amazing man, and I hold you in highest regard. I give you this review because I have this respect for you, and I would like to request this; Would you like to collaborate on a classical piano solo with me? Maybe something for the MAC8 Sorrowed Tears theme? I look at the calendar and see that there isn't a lot of time, and I look at my work roster, and there isn't a lot of time, but if you're interested, I will make time.

Full length review, just for you Maestro, just for you.

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Yes....Full Potential

I was reading the post and did check out this song.... The song is.. Stunning I should say. If you do use more of the instruments wisely, like in this case, the music comes out ever so beautiful.


Even if it is a bit on the short side, it is still beautifull. I can totally picture what you are trying to convey. This could easily build up into a massive orchestral piece, with like, a sad, sad flute/trumpet.
Well done. It sounds very realistic, so you have made great use of whatever software this utilises.

Very Dissonant

I read your post about your librarys. I found it very interesting! Anyways, i'd love to help you out (I feel like i'm the opposite of you - Orchestrals are SO hard for me) if you think I am worthy.

Your piece was VERY dissonant! I'm pretty sure it was done on purpose but to be honest I feel you had a bit too much dissonance so it kind of came out sloppy to me. I know that the dissonance helps set the mood as well, I just really feel like there was too much! I thought the voices for harmony was a very nice choice.

However, one thing you did was you made the piano your own. I know that you used a synthesized piano but still, every musician has his or her own feel to certain instruments. Or, at least every good musician does. Some of them copy what their idea of "good" is and it's not their own. Compare this piece to Winterwind, or Me (I don't have any piano pieces up right now... so ya >_>) or anyone else and yours will have it's own unique print. Excellent job with that. I'm sure most people who came to your realization of "not knowing instruments well enough" would have gone and listened to the greatest and just tried to copy them... but you made an original and unique piece with your style bleeding out of it.

I said a little in alot of ways in this review. I apologize for that. =.=

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