Combine Machinery Hall

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Note: The intro lasts about a minute.

--After 4 hours of work, I've finished my newest track "Combine Machinery Hall". It is a tribute to the fantastic and thrilling gaming experience which is the Half-Life series!

I was inspired by the sinister, creepy and absolutely awesome soundtrack of the game Half-Life 2 and the following parts named Episode 1 & 2.

I would appreciate, if you'd message me, before using it for a project. :3

This track has a quite complex concept. Let me explain:
Imagine a very dark and eerie machinery hall owned by the Combine. A woman (maybe even Alyx from HL2) has infiltrated it and tries to shut down the generators. From 0:27 to 0:31 she manages to break open a locked fuse box and to pull down a huge switch. Everything is quiet now. You can hear her breathe. Then @ 0:37 strange creatures begin to work on special computers and push buttons and finally pull a reserve switch @ 0:48. All the machines come back alive. One of the creatures has spotted Alyx and mumbles a command into the darkness (0:54). Alyx rushes into the hallway next to her, chased by the monsters. @ 2:10 she finds a vent, rests for a while...but suddenly the monsters find her, so she jumps out of the vent and runs. The ending is open, use your imagination, what could possibly happen?

UPDATE (July 2015):
This track is featured in an awesome trailer for a Five Nights At Freddy's mod. Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAAtkilNpkY


I love Hl2. I guess you could call me a fan, even though I know alot about it... Lore stuff like that. This song was more laid back than I thought it would be, but I liked it anyway. Hope you make some more.

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vai90 responds:


Brilliant sound and description!

I've never even played anything from the Half-Life series, but this was beyond great in terms of both sound and vibe.

I liked the usage of the vinyl distortion in the intro. Its a nice touch that somehow flows well with the damply reverb-laden stuff that comes in at the five second mark *which sounds a bit like creepy breathing - possibly your intent?* There's not too much to add up until 27/28 seconds in. To be completely honest I was expecting something reminiscent of dubstep to come in right about at the the 46 second mark due to listening to Amon Tobin's remix of Machinegun perhaps one too many times. Most of your songs actually have some similar elements to his O_O.

Here comes the beat. Its good, but to someone like me who hasn't played the half-life series the midrange clap feels a bit out place with the soft bass drum and phased snare drum. It does give the piece as a whole a bit more of an old-skool videogame feel though, so I guess that was intentional in this tribute. There is however a part at 1:16 that is OVERLOADED with bass to the point of distortion, which temporarily ruined the overall synthy-smooth yet decidedly dark vibe.

On the topic of the synths: FUNKAY! The part starting at 1:19 actually reminds me of the Ratchet and Clank or series Noisia's original Concussion in terms of how insanely flanged they are - or is that a guitar? Its hard to tell! The stuff at 1:44 onwards is also great and fits perfectly with the other instruments.

But then: NICE "drop" (overused term due to dubstep) at 2:17. The piano here reminds me a lot of what The Flashbulb did with Teeming Disconected in terms of sound - now why didn't you expand on that before fading it out just as it was about to climax? Argh, that left me wanting more like the original Worth Considering did, but ah well. If you had continued in that route it really would have sounded less like a tribute, I guess, but it would have been appreciated by musically spoiled people like myself. 2:33 had little hihats going on that made me hope for a bang of an ending; but that didn't happen. Ah well, it guarantees a very nice loop though.

On to the mastering. Its not necessarily AS good as your most recent material, but I still like it nonetheless and enjoy the vibe very much - something I've tried to create but seemingly can't due to DAW limitations. There's also a bit much distortion at parts - grating as hell if played particularly loud - especially at that one particular aforementioned spot: intense clipping is intense.

Nonetheless, its ultimately a masterpiece by Newgrounds' standards and would fit very well in a flash or maybe even an OST. Keep making good, high-quality shit like this and you'll be going places.

So - 9.5/10 rounded up and 5/5.

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vai90 responds:

I tip my hat to you sir, for your awesomeness and taking the time to write such detailed reviews all the time, being so very helpful in terms of feedback!

Sorry for leaving you wanting more in places.^^
I agree with all the points you criticizsed, though I don't experience any distortion during this track. Dunno what's up with that.

Thx for the kind words!


This seriously reminds me of just how incredible the Half-LIfe series is...

Great song, very proffesional.

This would be great on the OST!

Keep it up.

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vai90 responds:

Cool :D


I could imagine Gordon just standing there hiding, then busting out his sexy crowbar.

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vai90 responds:

Thx! :DD


Only song better is Vortal Combat.

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vai90 responds:

Hehe, thx.^^

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