Be On Your Guard

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(NOTE: this song is under AMBIENT. Although many of you will realize this, there are a few who will grade the song low for not being rock or hip-hop enough for them. Please don't, it only makes you look stupid)

"Did you hear that?"

"No but I thought I saw something..."

A small song I made with the idea of a person or group of people becoming first suspicious, and then more and more certain that they are not alone. Might be an ideal song to use before a climax to a stealth attack, or to accompany a character as they try and stay concealed away from the enemy.

Then again, you (the reviewer) may have your own idea on what it makes you feel. I strongly encourage you to voice these ideas for I read all reviews if not reply to them all. ^^ Thank you and enjoy!

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Good work!

I like where you ended the track It leads the listener to imagine where this song will go instead of letting them be told what happens.

If you are thinking of touching it up a little work on an equalizer for the drums will help them sound a lil less muffled from the nice reverb u have.

Nice to listen to one of your songs again!

Dark-Frando responds:

well ideally, someone would use this song for the sneaking part and then a crash and a change of song when they feel the attack should take place. Unfortunately this was one of my older songs that was wiped from my system so I have no means of going back and editing it =(

Anyways thanks for the comment, and glad you've come back to review me again =)

I get the hidden attacker, very nice!

The low ominous tune is awesome for a stealthy suspicion, but when those cymbals kick in, I can't help but see the stealthy person attacking, only to start a quick dialog followed by a fight.

This should get used in a flash somewhere, it'd make a good flash even better.

Dark-Frando responds:

ahh, you see I can get that image if I turn the volume up higher >.< but if I have it on low then I just get the 'sneaking' concept of it all. Strange how that kinda works...

Thanks for commenting! ^^


I liked the way you started the song, exactly how you described it, a great background for a stealth attack, or any sort of staying in hiding.

Liked the slow melody at 0:14 and the sound you used on it (some guitar with effects or a synth lead?), but i think the drums were a bit too quick when it comes to intervals between the snare hits. I loved the way you used the tom to create something much like a melody, but it was a bit too fast due to the snares (this wouldn't be a problem, but I don't think it fits well with the sneaking-around setting). Increasing the gaps to, let's say, every 4th beat instead of every 2nd would greatly improve the song in my view. But maybe this is just a personal preference of mine, so I won't give you a lower rating for it.

I found it a fun submission to listen to, and I believe it could be used in a very versatile collection of flash movies and/or games. Good work!

Dark-Frando responds:

If you ask me the snare drum sounds sort of military at the speed they are going, I went back to the song and tried it with a few less beats but it seemed off. Then again that might just be because I was working on the song so long that the overall song has grown on me =P

Thanks for reviewing!

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Jul 3, 2008
12:39 PM EDT
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