The Galaxy

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Just thinking to the beat. It calms the mind of a person to to think beyond

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pretty sweet!!!


Guitar with Trance ....
Fucked up

Good idea, but needs dynamics badly

Well, Since I use fruity loops A lot, I basicly know all the isntruments you are using in here and I can give you some critique, and offcourse along with some praise.
I'm not too sure this song has a traditional trance feeling to it, even I can't cathegorize where it should belong, and that's good, being original is the best way to make impression in this world.

I would like to address all the instruments in your song

Personally I really loathe the FL Slayer (I suppose you use it for the comping guitar), much because it was the only thing available to you and as new of course you want to make music with some guitar in it. My Advice is that you should use it sparingly, even if it does seem to work pretty okay in this song. For Composition I can say that you've found a chordprogression that works, but you shouldn't stop there, every track needs to have something that breaks out from the main-chordprogression, otherwise it's VERY hard not to make the song sound repetative. Of course it's possible, but it takes alot of power and creativity to accomplish that. Personally I think the song gets pretty repetative after a while, not even the addition of the two gated Saws can save it from that thought.

I see you also have a sytrus in here, it's a great instrument really.. but not so many people have the patience and will to try and tweak the instruments so they have the creator's touch and sound in them, which really is the biggest problem I ahve with this song: I know exactly which instruments you used in this creation, I've heard them so much in my past as i've tried to experiment with them.

Also I think your song is far too stale in terms of tempo. You have this chordprogression playing from beginning to end, and nothing ever differs from it. My advice is that you should 1) do something like i mentioned from before, break off into something like a refrain or verse, 2) Create more dynamics in the song. The drums are great for this, but you use them very sparingly in this song. They come in, doesn't do much, and then they disappear just as fast again, and it's the same loop over and over again. Try to do a fill-patern from now to then, and maybe introduce them with one as well! I think it sounds wierd when one second there aren't any drums at all, and in the next there are. Progression and TRANSITIONS are very important in songs, and you should think about how you accomplish these tasks more carefully.

Hmm, let me just summarize what I think about this song:
*Has a potentially good chordprogression
*Should evolve in some way so it doesn't sound repetative.
*Should incorporate better transitions both with drums and instruments
*Try to turn some knobs in Sytrus man! make the sound your own =)

Overall I like the song, it's just the tempo I have a problem with.. General songs have breakdowns, buildups, variations, dynamics, and this song has neither. Looking forward to what you can deliver in your next production.

NightmareTheDragon responds:

Alright, will do man.


hehe nice song i loved it you really should keep up this style

NightmareTheDragon responds:

Thanks, I kinda let go. Though since I see another review. Seems so you like my style. I'll keep it. I'll let you know when I did another one like this.

Very nice!

I loved it! It was very calming, yet upbeat at the same time... it reminds me of spore when you zoom out to see the whole universe in space stage ^_^

NightmareTheDragon responds:

Thanks and I can't believe your my first response....lo. Though I'm glad you liked it.

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Jul 3, 2008
4:41 AM EDT
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