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~EnV~Heaven Rd. 3

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Author Comments

Alright! This is like 6 weeks in the making now.

208 Patterns
92 automations
150 Bpm

I uploaded this like at the start of the week, and took it off, made a couple of changes and re uploaded it :D
You guys probably won't like this one as much as rd. 2 because If i've learned anything from newgrounds, it's that you guys don't like change or anything new >8( despite the name of the website!
No offense to anyone though.

Anyways, before I ramble on, here it is, without further ado. Heaven rd. 3




I personally find the Heaven's Road 2 better than this one
This one has such fast beats that it's harder to decipher whats its tuning out.

Heaven's road 2 ftw!

Part two.

Picking up where I left off:

Your kick is a bit too loud, that might be a bit of distortion I'm hearing in the section starting at 1:04 (and others like it). And because of the sidechain, your hihats are really, really hard to hear. :\ Clap is fine, though perhaps a bit too quiet.

Just a thought: What would be REALLY neat is if you recorded yourself playing the piano, live, to MIDI notes, and then used it in your song. ;)

The review's about done, so let me mention a few things I forgot to correct in the previous part:

"Next - your bass synth!" - I forgot in this paragraph to mention that your bass sounds seriously overpowered to me. Just lower its volume. :\

"If the review hasn't been helpful to this point (though HOPEFULLY it has XD) this is where it'll help for sure." - I added a LOT to the review before this point, so it probably has been helpful before there. :P

Well, that's about all I've got to say. I wouldn't call it your best by a long shot compared to some of your other songs (due to mixing, blatant samples, etc.) but it's getting there. :) It seems to me you definitely know what you're doing, and what you have in mind, you just need to refine your style and get a bit better at mixing. Hopefully this review (plus some) will help with that. ;D

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Envy responds:

"Your kick is a bit too loud" I love my kick <3 but I guess i compressed it a little too loud. In my style of music (kind of handsup! ish) the hi hats are never loud. Listen to Rob Mayth, the hi hats are loud enough so that you notice them come in, but they dont play a large role in the song except to make it seem faster. B0UNC3 gets on me for having my clap and hi hats too loud 8(.

The piano. I LOVE piano so much, any song with decent piano wins my heart, but my talent in the actual playing of the piano is all but imaginary. I am able to create a melody for a piano as if I were a pianist, but I cannot actually play more than a couple simple songs.

"your bass sounds seriously overpowered to me." I like heavy basses, although I could have turned it down a bit, mostly it was loud for the intro. Because the intro is already slightly boring, a quieter bass made it even more so. I just never automated it down.

Yes! Your review has been very helpful! it's nice to hear a different genres view on mine, it sheds some light on how I can please everyone (someday.) I agree I need to get better at mixing, I know I've mentioned him multiple times but B0UNC3 has been helping me here and there, but I probably should play around with EQ it a bit more and get a hang on what I'm doing. The thing is... Every time someone mentions the word frequency or Hz, I immediately get bored and uninterested.

This is why the creation of music remains a hobby for me 8D

Maybe I'll IM you sometime and you can help me with Mixing :D!

Very good, but slightly too much.

It's very good. But I'm sure if someone who didn't listen to the original heard this they'd be confused a bit. I liked the piano, the tune is still good, and the effort is well put forth.
But I have to be the ballbuster and say that, indeed, the 2nd one is better. But the original is better than the 2nd, which is a rare trait. The one thing I was expecting in this one was an electric guitar. One for the final round. But I was slightly disappointed. Just a thought.

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just wondering,but what happened to the original heavenly road?

OK, then...

Your right, I did like V.2 better, but this is good in it's own right. This version has a rainy/ winter feel, if you think about it.Anyway, its still awesome, just not... can't think of the right word....epically awesome. (that make sense?)

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4.36 / 5.00

Jun 24, 2008
10:42 PM EDT
File Info
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3 min 34 sec

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