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I made this song for a FPS called FAILED CONTAINMENT, made by sotdleader, for more information about the game, send him a PM or use his posts
This is the first time I used vocals for a song so don't kill me, also give it a chance because it has an intro
Because it's a metaltrack I think it is senseful to post the lyrics:
Victim: -When? When will all this end?
Inner demon: -You suffered enough!
Victim: -Who are you? Why are you inside my head?
Inner demon: -I'm a friend! I'll help you, but we have to come along!
Victim: -We're one person?!
Inner demon: -Yes!
Victim: -I don't need you! You scare me! Go away!
Inner demon: -Did you already forget? You've created me BECAUSE you need me!
Victim: -Can you help me, really?
Inner demon: -Yes! Listen: How long you've been tortured by them? Look at you: THEY did it! They killed your pride! They killed your love! They've shit on your trust! They destroyed your life! They destroyed your soul!
Victim: -Aaargh!
Inner demon: -Yes! Let's take revenge! Now! NOW!

(big shout)
I'm gonna beatin' myself
For havin' deceived myself
Again I tried to believe
That I could peacefully leave

Look at me, into my eyes
Didn't I pay a high price?
This time I'm sick as the hell
I got to leave my dead shell

I'll show you all the sick shit
Lies inside me like a brick
I know I'm loosin' control
This world is like a black hole

It sucks the brain out of you
It fucks your mind like a dog
It kills your soul with a dick
It's cold and hard like a rock

Now I want to hear you CRYIN' CRYIN' CRYIN' CRYIN'
Now I'll give you all my PAIN PAIN PAIN PAIN
I just want to see you PRAYIN' PRAYIN' PRAYIN' PRAYIN'
My heart became just a peace of stain

Now that I completely changed
Out of my back grow black wings
Soon my pain will be revenged
Beat you till all the gore sings

And now the moment has come
My hate laughs loud out of me
My rage did not overcome
Because it's fighting with me

And all the shit that I took
Will now be a part of you
Look you already gave up
But I'm not ready with you

My madness took me to hell
I want you to come with me
The perfect torture for you
The perfect beauty for me

My only desire KILL KILL KILL KILL
My only wish being free
My only desire KILL KILL KILL KILL
My only wish being free

(Someone lives inside of me, someone loves inside of me, someone dies inside of me, someone kills inside of me) x2
Someone lives inside of me, someone dies inside of me

Yes I will be free when I'm ready with you
Yes I want to see blood comin' out of you
(many shouts + laugh)

NOTE: If you dislike metal/numetal don't vote or review, because it would be senseless


Yikes, not awesome

The production is not good. The riff is repetitive. The vocals(probably a production issue)seem like they would be killer if better produced. But, in all honesty, I didn't enjoy this very much. I'll check out some other submissions and see if they are a little better. I'm curious as to what you're using to record. And I'd like to recommend Adobe Audition. Good luck and sorry about the vote

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headbang87 responds:

Thanks for the honest opinion, I used auda city for recording and my headset, which I bought opn a fleah market a long time ago xD
I'll look Adobe Audition up

very good metal..

this is what metal is all about...


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headbang87 responds:

Thanks buddy, you got it!
greets HB87

Fred, shut the fuck up.

Wow, das is wirklich schweres Metall, ich mags sonst schneller un melodischer, aber in seiner Art perfekt. Die richtige Mischung Klischee, Galgenhumor un dein unverwechselbarer Stil arbeiten unglaublich gut zusamm. Voll monotoner Bösartigkeit, macht Gänsehaut un gleichzeitig Lust einfach rumzuschrein un Sachen kaputtzumachen.
Ich weiß nich wieviel Verzerrung du in der Stimme benutzt hast aber wenns nich nur der Computer war solltste echt ma qulaitativ reinere Aufnahmen machen, deine Stimme is ziemlich geil, sticht raus wie kaum eine.
Ahja un der Shout am Anfang basht alles.
Ich wage zu sagen Headbang mit Gesang klingt wie Cradle in true.
Die spieln demnächst in Frankfurt, ich muss hin...

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headbang87 responds:

ich dachte du magst kein metal (von wegen cradle)? ^^
ich kann leider net nach frankfurt, hab arsch voll von sorgen
vielen dank für das nette review, demnächst kommen ein paar songs ohne shouts und mehr gesang, wie du schon sagtest: die lust an schreihen und sachen kaputt zu machen, monotone bösartigkeit usw. ist ja alles schön und gut aber abwechslung muss sein
wenn du ein ähnlich böses (vielleicht auch eher böseres lied) ohne kratzige vocals hören willst dann kannste mal "sick of you" anhören


That scream after the intro is over... talk about annoying. For that matter, consider getting better recording equipment or something, because the vocals are really scratchy and the grunting can get annoying. Your vocals would probably kick ass if it weren't for this.

FL Slayer is a piece of shit. Don't use it. It deprecates the entire song.

Overall song kinda reminded me of Rob Zombie... only with shitloads less sound quality. I'd love to see this with actual guitar and better vocal recordings.

headbang87 responds:

thenks for listening and reviewing

HOLY HELL!!!!!!!!!!1

DUDE THX SO FUCKING MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


this will be the song at the beginning of the first level!

when u break out \m/ -.- \m/

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headbang87 responds:

^^ glad you like it my friend!
when you break out? well the song'll fit perfectly, if you need a non-intro or non-dialogue version just tell me
wow the first level's mine YEAH \..|//>.<\\|../

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