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Keep on Rotting-Carcass-Demo

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Yo its been a minute since i dropped anything on this site so check this out.

A cover of Keep on Rotting in the Free World by Carcass.

I'd like to use this maybe with Newgrounds United or ProjectGodMode to get this colabified. I would be cool with dropping the bass to have someone else do it (CryiltheWolf, Cowmeat, Farcry, Xeno, Darkside)
and the drums need some better samples (Hating4AM, CruelDeity, JayRayTeam6, FarcryDX, Son-o-Kirk) I'd like to get those redone as well. Anyone could be up for the vokills (TwilightNecrosis, Elf of Chaos, Bad Man, CWN). Maybe some solo work or left or right rythm(SpeedMetal, Son-o-Dime, Cowmeat, Metalcan, Jonus, Xeno Darkside). you guys just get back to me and let me know.



Whoa! Thanks for all the feed back we seem to have a lot of people interested so heres how we can make it work with every one. When i record guitars i do four tracks of rythm, so we could do four guitarists, one per track two left and two right, but it it might get muddled so it needs to be real tight. Having two guitarists for rythm might work out better. As for solos i'd say one solo per person there are three that swith channels and a fill solo at the begining. Im thinkin the vocals could be traded and maybe dualed on the chourus so we can get more than one vokillist on the track.

So far we have:

CryilTheWolf - Bass (Complete)
Xenogenocide - Drum Programing, Mixing, and Masterbating (oh yeah!!)
Son-of-Kirk - Solo #3 (Pending)
Speedmetalmessiah - Rhythm Left (Pending)
DarksidE555 - Rhythm Left (Pending)
Eternalreich - Rhythm Right and Solo #1 (Complete and Pending....)
Gorebastard - Rhythm Right (Pending)
Metaljonus - Solo #2(Who knows if he's even real?Complete)
Bad Man Inc. - Vokills(Pending)
XxCRUCIFIEDxX - Vokills (Pending)

If you rule at metal and think you've got what it takes to be a part of this just send me a pm.


Ive added Xenogenicide's drum mix and pumped up the bass mix, its pretty sweet. Delete your cookies to hear it if youve allready heard it.


Cryil has fisnished his rippin bass track and CWN had to step down due to intense sickness.
Metaljonus has finished his solo(finaly!).CRUCIFIED and BadMan have recorded some vokills and are in the process of getting them organized.


Near perfect. BUT NO VOX?!

Spot on, except I miss the vocals! Not much I can say to improve it. Infact. I can't think of anything. Except voxals!

Eternalreich responds:

The rest is on its way.

Fucking amazing

Out of all the bands I listen to, Carcass is one of the most inspirational for me, Jeffrey Walker being the reason I began playing the bass and learning how to scream. And I have to say, this is a flawless cover. I judge pretty critically on this sort of stuff, but I am thoroughly impressed.
Let me know if you ever try any more Carcass, I'd love to lend a voice.

Eternalreich responds:

No problem dude, thanks for the support.

That's tight!

You guys crush it!

Eternalreich responds:

aww yeah with an Iron Fist!

Hey man

I love this cover. I've been waiting a while for the vocal version. I hope it's still in the works cause this is way to kick ass to not finish

Eternalreich responds:

bad ass. you want to do a lead?


Nice! Love carcass. good work dude! Just the drums sounds a little electronic. But the guitar tone makes up for it!!!

Eternalreich responds:

Your mom sounds a little electronic!!

Hail Satan

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Jun 16, 2008
3:05 AM EDT
Heavy Metal
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